Saturday flea market

 There’s a small flea market on Bajczy Zsilinsky út every Saturday that I go to sometimes.
Usually to see my friend Sylvia who is a button collector and she’s even writing a book about them that will be published soon. 
Of course I couldn’t leave without spending some money so I was easily convinced by an old lady to buy some vintage clothes. Although she really thought I wanted to buy the Playboys record, but i had to tell her that I don’t really have a record player…. Got a plastic shower sign as well which will be good if I happen to forget where it is in the future.

Sick Art Moment

  My favorite artist Bullet Shih  had an opening at Bródy House last night with all the other Brody artists. Not feeling great, but at least I got to wear my fluffy ballerina skirt and there was a silent auction for Japan, so I placed a bid on a nice piece by a Japanese artist. Always good to help others and get something for yourself at the same time. Especially the last part of the sentence appeals to me.

Bullet Shih‘s work

Hello Beautiful

This summer I want to bike around on a beauty like this one from Kate Spade. It’s perfect with the basket, and the champagne. I love biking but here in Budapest it’s not as easy as in Sweden where there are nice bike paths everywhere so you don’t have to pay that much attention. Obviously it’s better if you do pay attention as I have been biking in to things like lamp posts a few times……