Shoes and rain and cake and I need to run

This week I had some cake and other healthy cookies.
I bought two pairs of shoes at Skopunkten. Had to buy two since you get one of them for half price.
It was raining when the sun was shining and soon I will go out for a run. Been saying that every day though and it still hasn’t happened.


Nothing better than going to loppis, (which is Flea market in Swedish) on a Saturday. Only bad thing is it’s hard to get things back to Budapest from Sweden, where I am now. Got this lamp and two very nice mirrors that I might show you when I manage to take a normal picture of them. Without me looking like a freak in the background.

All I need

Now that I have a new wallet all I need is some money to put in it.
And a vacation, and some more nice clothes, and to get rid of the Easter decoration outside my window.