Gardening Glove Review

stopSTOP working, it’s Friday afternoon.

garden gloves

Since I care about my readers I wouldn’t just start the weekend without doing something for you.¬† Until 5 minutes ago I had no idea what that would be. Then I remembered I bought a pair of gardening gloves that I could review.¬†

Colour: Nice red with polka dots.

Shape: Weird with fingers leaning backwards. I have quite stiff fingers and can’t push them that direction.

Size: The only available size was medium and I have very small hands. What can I say, one glove covers almost my whole face.

I give these gardening gloves,

turkish black tomatoes

3 out of 5 Turkish black tomatoes

Purple Rain

moonThe moon said hello one afternoon.

freaked outI dressed as a Purple Rain in honour of Prince.

sequinsThat pretty much sums up the past week of me being sick and not doing too much outside the house.

Sequin skirt, H&M / Purple night gown, Vintage



Dirty Deeds

tulipsTo be honest I’m not really known as someone who likes bugs and worms and that is because I don’t. My last close encounter with a worm/big ass maggot occurred the other day. Strawberries were involved, maggot was very much involved in the strawberries. However you like to put it, I was put off and am not sure I can eat strawberries again. What I wanted to say with this is that I now together with some friends have a little plot of land, and that also involves strawberries.

garden benchOne of the benches one can sit on after cuddling worms.

watering cansCans to make sure worms don’t get dehydrated.


Despite dirt and worms it’s all happy faces in the garden.

Watch Paint Dry

90's lookOn the 9th of April I took the 9 and added a 0 and ended up in a 90’s inspired look.

Bomber/Stradivarius, Jeans/Levis from my boyfriend’s mother, Sneakers/Nike

bike in windowIn the afternoon I went down to check out a basement where two guys, one English, and one Dutch guy are turning in to a painting studio. Sounds like it will be a cool place.

guitar heroPeople came down to paint the walls, play music, and drink beer.

a beerSo did I. Drink a beer that is. Next to me is Thomas one of the brains behind the studio.

studioRed sofas for the tired ones, drum in the ceiling for the tall ones.


Taking hygiene to new heights.

Hairy Heart

hair dresserOne of my favourite signs outside my hair dresser No.33. Now I have less hair on my head but still the same amount on my legs. Meaning the ratio between of body hair vs. hair on my head has changed for the worse.

heartWith my new hair ratio I went to an opening at Puccs

heart puccsMany people came to look at the heart. See proof below.

people at puccsMany people who just looked at the heart found my changed hair ratio amusing.

artist puccsBullet and the artist Emily and her husband looking at the heart. Some with more hair than others.

konfeckiostorefrontThe neighbour, Konfeckió kept their doors open for those who wanted to shop for some clothes.

konfeckioCan you have a heart with no upper body and how does one feel without a head. Makes me happy someone has a worse ratio than me.

cylinderhatShorter hair (on my head)