99 Luftballoons and some Wine on Top of That

balloonsI’m just going to pretend it wasn’t a month ago I posted anything here. Please do the same. So let’s see what I did last Friday. Took pictures of balloons in the dark for example.

IMG_3497The reason for the balloons was an open night at all the community gardens in Budapest. Since I have a little plot together with some friends I visited my own garden. Not that I can’t go there any other time, only other times there aren’t a lot of people there and this was the first time it was decorated and full of sweets my fellow gardeners brought.

cintanyerosWhen we had enough of the dark garden we headed over to a nice little place up the street.

IMG_3505Imre is the owner and to my knowledge only person working behind the bar and he does it very well. With wine, pálinka, sausages, a smile, and a Canadian accent.

outsideHere you can see 3 of us, plus 1 person behind the camera and one behind Kate in the striped shirt. All in all it was 5 of us. In case you wonder.