Birds, beer, and a nut or two

It’s Friday and soon time to fly off into the weekend. To celebrate that, I collected some bird pictures, some of them can fly some are destined to a life on the ground. Or on a plate.

thai chickenChicken (or is it a duck, it’s not flying anywhere that’s for sure) on a plate.

owls tooOwls judging a beer diving competition

owlOwls not looking too impressed by boy who can’t seem to even get over the edge of the glass. Turns out this was an amateur who liked to drink the beer more than diving in it. Once again we learned, sports and drinking don’t go together.

crowOff to another bird. A crow with a walnut

crow and nutReady for take off, with nut

nut in mirror                                    Dress/Vintage

Another nut. Ready for the weekend to come

What are you doing this weekend? Not that I told you what I’m doing, but I actually have no plans whatsoever.

Friday Night Tip

Toilet bakeryBefore I go to bed I wanted to share a tip for those who are out and about tonight. Because I care about my readers. Check out his food place next to the public toilet in the Corvin negyed under pass. Because I don’t dare to. Non of them. I have a feeling they have a connection. If close tonight, consider yourself lucky. Or go back tomorrow and get a real Budapest underground experience. Let me now how it was.

Just realized this is the second post in a row including a toilet, do I have an obsession?