It’s a must

Old houseToday is Christmas for some, which reminds me of a couple of weeks ago when it was Christmas for me, and I was in Sweden.

dipLike most people I ate a lot, for example this is the stuff I was talking about before. The “dip in the pot” which is basically just soggy bread with lots of meat and mustard. Yum!

Cake It’s a must, a julmust

GiantI took “growing a few sizes” during the holidays to a whole new level.

christmas treeAfter holiday snow in Budapest, just to get you in the mood that we should get out of soon.

With this meaningful post I suggest we take Christmas off the podium until next time. I also suggest the snow to fall earlier.

Dippin’ it

Christmas treeMerry Christmas!

I hope you all have the best holidays with way too much food and some well deserved presents. For those who don’t like food and presents I still wish you a nice holiday.

I for sure am looking forward to eating for example “dip in the pot” this is the direct translation from Swedish, it sounds ridicuolous. But that’s what it is, a dip in the pot.

Baby JesusBaby Jesus looks like he started early and is already in a food coma.

*pictures taken at Puccs


stairsSuede skirt/Forever21, Lace top/Vintage, Hat/Uniqlo, Bag/Zara

My outfit from yesterday. It was a long day, not that any days are longer than other. I did ft a lot into the day though. Csontváry exhibition up in the castle, meeting with colleagues for drinks, and going to a party was some of the things I did. All this in the same outfit, only changed shoes for the party.  Imagine that! How effective (or lazy) I can be at times.

selfieIn the end I fell asleep standing and took a picture in my sleep.

Some people have called me a cow in the past. How did they know.



freedomxmaslightsToday is Friday, meaning I’m free until Monday. If it wasn’t work Saturday tomorrow… Anyway, let’s have a look at freedom (tower) from different angles. Starting with the best one.

freedomtowerFreedom in sunshine

Like a Saturday

njfreeFreedom from far far away, with obstacles like a fucking river

Like a Monday

freedomactionFreedom stuck between high voltage cables

Like in an office cubicle


Checking in

It’s going to be a busy and fun 2 weeks from now (tell you later), so I might not have time to do anything here on the blog. Not that I did the past week either. But I promise it will get better! From next Sunday I will for sure check back in and then set up a goal to post every day at least for a week. Seems I set that goal right now.

Ghetto cocktailUntil I I check back you can enjoy this picture of me and Rita from a Ghetto cocktail party we had last weekend.

Be good

Stay safe!