Tip of the Day

scarf If you don’t know what to do with your nails for the weekend. Here are my finger tips.nailsMake a French manicure with your favourite colour, or paint every nail in different shades. 

The possibilities are as endless just like a Swedish Midsummer night. Which is today btw.

Glad Midsommar!

Painters Palace

flowerBudapest’s a great place for those who like to hang around in artsy places. Now there’s one more to add to your list, The Painters Palace on Bródy Sándor.  Here are some pictures from the opening last Saturday. Jesse above is one of the founders. If you’re a founder you get flowers.

stairsThere were stairs. Only one person fell down. He got up again.


Skirt/Vintage, Sandals/ Skopunkten

Candles. No one was burnt.

the bandA band played

bandPeople were dancing

dancingMore dancing and holding hands

heyPointing fingers. This is Thom the other founder. He had no flowers but looked happy anyway.

sinkA sink if you need a wash

If you like to paint or to look at other people painting, go check out the Painters Palace

The owners are really cool and super friendly.

Summer Training

train tracksRight now I’m sitting in my bed waiting for dinner and catching up with my photos, exactly a week ago I was waiting for a train back to Budapest. Let’s see from where.

balaton viewThe Hungarian sea!

lángosWhere we ate lángos. I write we here so you don’t think I ate both of them. To be more exact there were 3 on the table, just one isn’t visible here.

bbqOne of the best things about being in the countryside is you can BBQ in your PJS.

batik dressYou can wait for the train in a dress with female body parts (someone told me it looks like a giant VJJ).

camoThe train conductor wasn’t too impressed by my camo skills. I paid him to pretend he was, it’s the same price as the ticket. Funny enough.

sunsetEnd of first Balaton trip 2016



Gardening Glove Review

stopSTOP working, it’s Friday afternoon.

garden gloves

Since I care about my readers I wouldn’t just start the weekend without doing something for you.  Until 5 minutes ago I had no idea what that would be. Then I remembered I bought a pair of gardening gloves that I could review. 

Colour: Nice red with polka dots.

Shape: Weird with fingers leaning backwards. I have quite stiff fingers and can’t push them that direction.

Size: The only available size was medium and I have very small hands. What can I say, one glove covers almost my whole face.

I give these gardening gloves,

turkish black tomatoes

3 out of 5 Turkish black tomatoes

Dirty Deeds

tulipsTo be honest I’m not really known as someone who likes bugs and worms and that is because I don’t. My last close encounter with a worm/big ass maggot occurred the other day. Strawberries were involved, maggot was very much involved in the strawberries. However you like to put it, I was put off and am not sure I can eat strawberries again. What I wanted to say with this is that I now together with some friends have a little plot of land, and that also involves strawberries.

garden benchOne of the benches one can sit on after cuddling worms.

watering cansCans to make sure worms don’t get dehydrated.


Despite dirt and worms it’s all happy faces in the garden.