Fountain of Joy

pand3A few days late, here are some pictures from the Magical Fashionbox, Dressing Disorder  performance on Tuesday. I was the emcee dressed in a lovely pink outfit. Don’t you just love how I match the iPig and the trash can. The megaphone was extremely popular with the neighbours upstairs.

pandThe Ice cube is the coolest

pand4The socialist couple. A very social couple of people.

pand6All fabulous people

pand2Selfie with my special selfie cigarette holder selfie stick

fr0ccs The most popular Fröccs fountain in the 8th district. The history of this fountain has some similarities to the Fountain of Joy in Siena. First is they are both fountains, second is that there were women too pagan or nude that were removed from both of them.

More photos Dressing Disorder

All photos by Őry AnnaMária

Kickin’ it

IMG_0005bOn Tuesday Bullet had an exhibition opening at Pizzica. So of course I went there and hung out under the pipes for a while.IMG_0009bGreen culottes Vintage/Purple jacket Vintage/Top H&M/Shoes Zara.

Then Kickin’ it to the smell of the best pizza in Budapest. Yes, that is pizza in that stomach. Lesson learned, eat pizza after taking pictures. Or hold it in. For those who don’t want a flat belly, please ignore.