Hats off

greenhatSelfie, the new word for mirror. A lying mirror. Mirrors don’t have filters.

greenhatselfie.jpgGreen hat/Necessary clothing. Earrings/Forever 21

Another one with my new green hat. Almost like a Jets hat, my boyfriend likes Jets. I hope he likes my green hat.

red bootsRed boots/ Vintage. Jeans/Levis

Leg selfie, is there such a thing? I think there is and I tend to take more leg selfies than face selfies.

legswestvillageThis is not a leg selfie, just a normal picture of a pair of legs, in front of a house in West Village, NY.

Birds, beer, and a nut or two

It’s Friday and soon time to fly off into the weekend. To celebrate that, I collected some bird pictures, some of them can fly some are destined to a life on the ground. Or on a plate.

thai chickenChicken (or is it a duck, it’s not flying anywhere that’s for sure) on a plate.

owls tooOwls judging a beer diving competition

owlOwls not looking too impressed by boy who can’t seem to even get over the edge of the glass. Turns out this was an amateur who liked to drink the beer more than diving in it. Once again we learned, sports and drinking don’t go together.

crowOff to another bird. A crow with a walnut

crow and nutReady for take off, with nut

nut in mirror                                    Dress/Vintage

Another nut. Ready for the weekend to come

What are you doing this weekend? Not that I told you what I’m doing, but I actually have no plans whatsoever.

Haircut? Not Yeti

hoodie dressMe and an installation at the Puccs gallery. Both wearing fringe, that’s where the similarities end.

Couldn’t find my flower nipple decorations at home. Goddammit.

hoodie dress 1Me again in my new old dress with a hoodie, yay, I like hoodies

Now on to something else. Hair. See how nice and long it is. Now it isn’t, might be nicer, but not so long anymore. Because I had to go to the hairdresser. They do things like that, you know, make your hair shorter. I don’t really like it (I do like Lolli, my hairdresser, she’s really good), I had been saving those dead skin cells since March. Maybe I should be happy about that, it makes the percentage of my living cells larger, just like Yeti. My hairdresser’s dog.

YetiYeti at Lolliland.


IMG_1039bThere hasn’t been too many outfit posts lately, not meaning I have been naked all the time. Just sometimes.  Evidence right above! in my newest vintage jacket. I get so dramatic* with new purchases.

tramThings can get dramatic* on the street as well, luckily this portable toilet delivery is right on track.

*these types “dramatic” have nothing in common

Orange is the new lamp

IMG_1008bBuying old things is my weakness, an old lamp, a dress, or even a pair of used underwear. Actually that’s not true, underwear is where I draw the line. I don’t buy used underwear, they’re just a bit to close to the holy as we say in Swedish. Get it?

This old lamp I found online and had to go pick it up far away in Buda. Things I do on a Friday for some old crap, but I enjoyed my time out with it. It’s not every day you hang out with a lamp in front of a church. Quite cool, I thought. I should take my furniture out more often.

IMG_1007bSame thing on the tram,  this lamp was made for the tram! A woman even sat down next to me and said she has the same lamp at home and that it’s fucking cool. Now I wonder if she actually lived on the tram.