Hole in the wall

house in 8thI  went out for a walk in the 8th district today. This district is full of hole in the wall places, literally and hypothetically speaking.

bullet 8th districtMore holes and another flag. Be proud of your holes.

vintage dressOn to something more interesting, vintage clothes. On my walk I happened to buy about 7 pieces (didn’t count them, too much brain work for a Saturday) of clothing and the best part of if is they didn’t leave a hole in my wallet.

Birds without wings

2016 so far has been quiet an cold. I spent most of the time watching movies in bed. Before I spent 2 days doing almost nothing I spent the first couple of hours of the year at a party. There were 3 chicken in the kitchen with me. In Hungary it’s tradition to eat lentils on new year’s eve, it symbolizes money. Every little lentils is a little piece of money. One has to eat a lot to get up to a decent sum. I pretend it’s Euros. 

Another thing about food here is you shouldn’t eat bird on new year’s, your luck will fly away.

3 chicken

What to do with this luck stealing piece of bird?

2 chickenIt had no wings but one flew away faster than I could say chapate


blurryLook a bird!

hold onLet’s all hold on to each other, and stop the other chicken from flying away with our luck. Yay!

I had some luck earlier at the horse races and won money on a horse and race that was bet on by mistake. I’m hoping for more mistakes like that in 2016. Good mistakes.

Running to the light

Zsiga 2So dark

ZsigaDress Vintage//Sneakers Nike

How dark can get it get? As dark as today some would say. It would be stupid not to agree, after all it is the darkest day of the year.

nikerunAll that darkness made me get new sneakers to run faster towards the light. But first it’s Christmas and I run to eat more sweets and food.

The best would be if I actually went running.


stairsSuede skirt/Forever21, Lace top/Vintage, Hat/Uniqlo, Bag/Zara

My outfit from yesterday. It was a long day, not that any days are longer than other. I did ft a lot into the day though. Csontváry exhibition up in the castle, meeting with colleagues for drinks, and going to a party was some of the things I did. All this in the same outfit, only changed shoes for the party.  Imagine that! How effective (or lazy) I can be at times.

selfieIn the end I fell asleep standing and took a picture in my sleep.

Some people have called me a cow in the past. How did they know.