Pineapple Head

dress fruitA new vintage dress that looked like it has eyes and got a banana for a mouth. This lead me to believe a pineapple head would be a good match. Just not sure how I can turn my head in to one.

pineappleProblem solved


Is White Too Light?

shoeA white shoe. In my possession. How did this happen? Good question because for some reason I feel very strange in light coloured shoes and clothes. I really don’t know why. It just doesn’t feel like me, I’ve tried a few times but all I want is to run home and change before someone sees me.

Is there anyone else out there with the same issue?

white shoes The good thing about these shoes is, even if they’re still just waiting to be taken out on the streets, they probably cost less than a jar of 5Ft coins. Hence the composition.

White shoes, Vintage

Touching ground

erzsebet terThis was the first interaction between my butt and the Budapest soil this spring. I enjoyed it.

nagymezőAfter the park we moved on to more familiar textures like concrete and pizza. I was too hungry to take a picture of that.

nagymező bikingWe walked down the Hungarian Broadway. I was reminded my butt might want to get in touch with my bike soon.

orange tightsGetting in contact with more soil before going home to bed.

Dress/Vintage, Sandals/Swedish Hasbeens

Underground vs. Mainstream

furnitureI started my Saturday with looking at furniture at Project showroom’s pop up furniture store with Nicole. Here she is. Underground as she is.

bachAt Astoria there was Bach in a party hat. Also underground.

mjAfter all that we needed something above ground and moved on to check out something more mainstream. The Michael Jackson tree. After about 2 seconds we decided to beat it.

radnotiRan into Radnóti, he hangs out on Nagymező all the time.

Bomber/Stradivarius, Dress/Vintage, Jeans/Levis

springtreeOne of the best things was seeing the first green tree of the year. I’m sure there are other somewhere else, just the government here’s killing all the trees and because of that I don’t see that many.