Pool and beer

Siargao kalinawLet’s move on to another island, Siargao the surfer’s paradise in Mindanao. Here I am, in front of my little bungalow. Surrounded by cute spiders and the type of green plants people have in their houses in Europe.  Just here they’re ten times bigger and with scarier spiders.

Dress from the beach in Boracay

pool kalinawThe pool, a few steps away. Looks totally nice and safe during the day.

poolBut at night it’s inhabited by aliens.

san miguel bugSome thought safer to stay away and head straight for a San Miguel until the sun comes up again.

It’s a must

Old houseToday is Christmas for some, which reminds me of a couple of weeks ago when it was Christmas for me, and I was in Sweden.

dipLike most people I ate a lot, for example this is the stuff I was talking about before. The “dip in the pot” which is basically just soggy bread with lots of meat and mustard. Yum!

Cake It’s a must, a julmust

GiantI took “growing a few sizes” during the holidays to a whole new level.

christmas treeAfter holiday snow in Budapest, just to get you in the mood that we should get out of soon.

With this meaningful post I suggest we take Christmas off the podium until next time. I also suggest the snow to fall earlier.

Pálinka and Rama


For those who thought I disappeared and moved in to a cave,

YOU WERE (almost) RIGHT! Not exactly but I did spend time in a couple of caves in Miskolc. The first one was the cave bath, which was really cool! 

Some might see a resemblance between the entrance and Machu Picchu and start looking out for Incas and lamas. The closest thing we found was pálinka and Rama.


Thumbs up from Nicole, Bullet, Kate. First cave done!

IMG_0102bFor some odd reason we didn’t spend too much time in this one.

IMG_0055bAfter all the rocks I was more than tempted to buy these shoes. Wearing them would be like constantly walking on pebbles. Ouch! Supposed to be good for you, but they are ugly.

I didn’t buy them.