Sea you


tricycle boracayFirst tricycle ride in my life, arriving in Boracay

airport boatNot the first boat ride in my life

life vestsAlmost there

bullet shih at cymaFinally Bullet was reconnected with his paintings at Cyma. Our friend Sunshine’s fantastic restaurant. Been eating so much seafood I now look like a crab. Or I did at least after the first day on the beach.

I was going to post a longer thing but time is short and internet a bit slow. I’m slow, not short here compared to the locals.



I’ve now been far away from home for over a week. With mixed luck with internet connections. But here I am now on the net in the Philippines! The first days I was in Manila and the first night I was thrown in to deep water. At a pool party!

pigThe first filipino pig I met, his name was Lechon he had lost a few kilos, but didn’t seem too excited about it.

manila peopleThe poeple were in a better moodpool party manilaThe pool was pretty cool and the air warm. It felt quite amazing after 24 hours of traveling.

white beach

I promise more pictures from Manila later. Right now I’m at White Beach, Boracay. Can’t complain. Here’s my first beach selfie of the year. This was the first day on the beach, don’t worry I’m getting darker and will show you soon, muhahahaha

Shit! I’m back

trumpI’m back again! Guess from where. From the country where this popular turd is running for president. Not going to talk politics, but this is funny shit.

As promised from today I’m going to post something every day for one week at least. If you have anything you would like to see more of, or any questions you want me to answer, let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests. Just ask me anything and I will answer.

(I have only one issue at the moment. My camera broke and now I can only use my phone so not sure how that will work. The good thing is that I have pictures from my holiday, and other older stuff until I get a new one.)

How fried meat inspired me

IMG_0940bArt is so inspiring, here’s a live example of how I got inspired by a wiener schnitzel

My last post was from an exhibition where Austrian artist Josef Wurm framed a wiener schnitzel (bĂ©csi szelet in Hungarian). It wasn’t the most beautiful piece I’ve seen but still there was something tempting and made me want more. Now you might think I got really hungry and went and had a big greasy piece of fried meat somewhere. No, actually I didn’t. Instead I went to Vienna the next day for some more meaty experiences.

IMG_0966bLuckily I found two different kinds of meaty things, first some Ethiopian food.

IMG_0967bNext day something else, connected to human meat. Wasn’t sure I was SMart enough for this one.

Kikiriki in Krka

IMG_0493bAs promised, another place with water in Croatia. This is still not the Adriatic sea, with the pace I’m posting pictures we won’t get to the Croatian coast until Christmas. Until then enjoy some tourists bathing in the waterfalls in Krka national park.

IMG_0503To be honest, going there I thought we could hang out under the waterfall. We couldn’t, but I figured out a way to get the lake for ourselves instead.All people hanging on the line are just waiting to escape under the rope and under the waterfalls. I told them there’s a treasure.

krka Power and Victory

Most people vanished, the woman behind was the toughest kikiriki* in Krka and didn’t buy my cheap trick.