Orange is the new lamp

IMG_1008bBuying old things is my weakness, an old lamp, a dress, or even a pair of used underwear. Actually that’s not true, underwear is where I draw the line. I don’t buy used underwear, they’re just a bit to close to the holy as we say in Swedish. Get it?

This old lamp I found online and had to go pick it up far away in Buda. Things I do on a Friday for some old crap, but I enjoyed my time out with it. It’s not every day you hang out with a lamp in front of a church. Quite cool, I thought. I should take my furniture out more often.

IMG_1007bSame thing on the tram,  this lamp was made for the tram! A woman even sat down next to me and said she has the same lamp at home and that it’s fucking cool. Now I wonder if she actually lived on the tram.

Permanent marks

IMG_0702bLiving in a city like Budapest one tends to forget how much history there is around. Once in a while you see things that remind you that this city wasn’t built yesterday. Th either day I went down to the Danube on my lunch break and found something amazing!

IMG_0710bA rock from 1496!

IMG_0711bImagine what this rock has seen through the years. For example it must’ve seen the person who invented the first permanent marker, and that’s quite cool.


Ultra Pineapple

IMG_0738bDenim top Vintage//Shorts Lindex

Today’s Thursday, but I’m going to to show you what I did on Saturday. In the morning I happened to run in to Gandhi. We had a moment together in the shade, then I left him there because I prefer the sun.

IMG_0743bTried out a pool where you can swim just a few meters away from a giant pineapple. No, that’s not the giant pineapple, it’s a woman.

IMG_0748bThe Pineapple with a big P

Watering the giant pineapple is hard job, but someone has to do it. This man’s obviously lost it and is watering the tennis court instead.

IMG_0752bDICK dress ULTRA

As if Gandhi and the giant pineapple wasn’t enough excitement for a day, I went for dinner in the Chinese quarters. We found this sign amusing. What was not so amusing was being refused dumplings in two places.

Dancing in the streets

IMG_0665bLiving in a big city, or just anywhere where there are people,(I’ve never lived in a forest, it could be even more challenging, my intuition tells me there are lots of crazy there) comes with good and bad. Sometimes you just can’t judge which one it is, hence the look on my face.

IMG_0656bRomper/Vintage, Sandals/H&M

What has been seen can’t be unseen

IMG_0654bA couple doing a weird performance on the street possibly salsa. Note the hand on the left showing the escape route for those terrified of getting sucked into a dance whirl with those two.

Has been Conscious

IMG_0433bMűcsarnok swimming in light seen after swimming in a pool at the Széchenyi baths. I was swimming, not Műcsarnok. I’m obsessed with swimming, at least in the last two posts and it will continue. I’ll tell you why later.

IMG_0428bDress/H&M Conscious Collection. Sandals/Swedish Hasbeens that I was so lucky to find second hand.

Testing the stability of the bridge in city park, it hasbeen passing with conscious effort.

IMG_0461bThe above was a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining it wasn’t warm enough outside. Now I’m dipping my head the water put out for dogs.