Hole in the wall

house in 8thI  went out for a walk in the 8th district today. This district is full of hole in the wall places, literally and hypothetically speaking.

bullet 8th districtMore holes and another flag. Be proud of your holes.

vintage dressOn to something more interesting, vintage clothes. On my walk I happened to buy about 7 pieces (didn’t count them, too much brain work for a Saturday) of clothing and the best part of if is they didn’t leave a hole in my wallet.

Shit! I’m back

trumpI’m back again! Guess from where. From the country where this popular turd is running for president. Not going to talk politics, but this is funny shit.

As promised from today I’m going to post something every day for one week at least. If you have anything you would like to see more of, or any questions you want me to answer, let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests. Just ask me anything and I will answer.

(I have only one issue at the moment. My camera broke and now I can only use my phone so not sure how that will work. The good thing is that I have pictures from my holiday, and other older stuff until I get a new one.)

RIP it up!

TreesMe and my friends decided to go to one of the big cemeteries in Budapest as part of our Halloween night, and also because it’s all saint’s day and stuff now. Here’s the Russian part of the cemetery with communist colored leaves

gravesGraves with a mall in the background

blaha lujzaBlaha Lujza, mostly known for her metro station


Me, mostly known as creepy


Double creepy with Nicole

halloween cakeRIP it up!

Sweets are needed after a cold dark night among graves

snakeI didn’t dress up this halloween this year, but wore my snake belt. It’s probably the best thing I got this year, at least from the reptile shaped accessories I have.

I was thinking about showing you some of my old halloween costumes, but then I didn’t because I went out to eat dumplings at the Chinese market instead. Found some fake tattoos as well that we were having fun with after the cemetery. Funny enough I quite liked having neck tattoos, never thought so. Even though I like tattoos, a neck tattoo was never something I considered before. Should I get one? What kind? If you say yes and draw a cool picture I will get one. I promise. If you pay for it. Okay, maybe, not sure.



Friday Night Tip

Toilet bakeryBefore I go to bed I wanted to share a tip for those who are out and about tonight. Because I care about my readers. Check out his food place next to the public toilet in the Corvin negyed under pass. Because I don’t dare to. Non of them. I have a feeling they have a connection. If close tonight, consider yourself lucky. Or go back tomorrow and get a real Budapest underground experience. Let me now how it was.

Just realized this is the second post in a row including a toilet, do I have an obsession?


IMG_1039bThere hasn’t been too many outfit posts lately, not meaning I have been naked all the time. Just sometimes.  Evidence right above! in my newest vintage jacket. I get so dramatic* with new purchases.

tramThings can get dramatic* on the street as well, luckily this portable toilet delivery is right on track.

*these types “dramatic” have nothing in common