Cotton Candy

nubu outsideWhen was the last time you had cotton candy? A week a go I would’ve not been able to answer that question. For a few years I’ve done all I can to avoid it, and embarrassed not to remember. Admitting it must’ve been more than 20 years ago made me feel old. Thanks to “Nude by Nubu” giving out free cotton candy on their shopping night my life has changed and I can have a full social life and join in on conversations about that fluffy sugar again.

nude by nubuClothes

nubu peoplePeople and clothes.

Nubu openingSomeone buying a white piece of clothing.

basicBasic was written on the wall.

cotton candyThe moment my life changed.

cotton candy faceThe clothes I wore in this crucial moment.

Skirt/Vintage, Shoes/Skopunkten

kidLet’s make sure this kid never gets in to the same situation. I think he had about 10 of them and that makes me think he won’t.

Gardening Glove Review

stopSTOP working, it’s Friday afternoon.

garden gloves

Since I care about my readers I wouldn’t just start the weekend without doing something for you.¬† Until 5 minutes ago I had no idea what that would be. Then I remembered I bought a pair of gardening gloves that I could review.¬†

Colour: Nice red with polka dots.

Shape: Weird with fingers leaning backwards. I have quite stiff fingers and can’t push them that direction.

Size: The only available size was medium and I have very small hands. What can I say, one glove covers almost my whole face.

I give these gardening gloves,

turkish black tomatoes

3 out of 5 Turkish black tomatoes

Hairy Heart

hair dresserOne of my favourite signs outside my hair dresser No.33. Now I have less hair on my head but still the same amount on my legs. Meaning the ratio between of body hair vs. hair on my head has changed for the worse.

heartWith my new hair ratio I went to an opening at Puccs

heart puccsMany people came to look at the heart. See proof below.

people at puccsMany people who just looked at the heart found my changed hair ratio amusing.

artist puccsBullet and the artist Emily and her husband looking at the heart. Some with more hair than others.

konfeckiostorefrontThe neighbour, Konfeckió kept their doors open for those who wanted to shop for some clothes.

konfeckioCan you have a heart with no upper body and how does one feel without a head. Makes me happy someone has a worse ratio than me.

cylinderhatShorter hair (on my head)