Cotton Candy

nubu outsideWhen was the last time you had cotton candy? A week a go I would’ve not been able to answer that question. For a few years I’ve done all I can to avoid it, and embarrassed not to remember. Admitting it must’ve been more than 20 years ago made me feel old. Thanks to “Nude by Nubu” giving out free cotton candy on their shopping night my life has changed and I can have a full social life and join in on conversations about that fluffy sugar again.

nude by nubuClothes

nubu peoplePeople and clothes.

Nubu openingSomeone buying a white piece of clothing.

basicBasic was written on the wall.

cotton candyThe moment my life changed.

cotton candy faceThe clothes I wore in this crucial moment.

Skirt/Vintage, Shoes/Skopunkten

kidLet’s make sure this kid never gets in to the same situation. I think he had about 10 of them and that makes me think he won’t.

Is White Too Light?

shoeA white shoe. In my possession. How did this happen? Good question because for some reason I feel very strange in light coloured shoes and clothes. I really don’t know why. It just doesn’t feel like me, I’ve tried a few times but all I want is to run home and change before someone sees me.

Is there anyone else out there with the same issue?

white shoes The good thing about these shoes is, even if they’re still just waiting to be taken out on the streets, they probably cost less than a jar of 5Ft coins. Hence the composition.

White shoes, Vintage

Hats off

greenhatSelfie, the new word for mirror. A lying mirror. Mirrors don’t have filters.

greenhatselfie.jpgGreen hat/Necessary clothing. Earrings/Forever 21

Another one with my new green hat. Almost like a Jets hat, my boyfriend likes Jets. I hope he likes my green hat.

red bootsRed boots/ Vintage. Jeans/Levis

Leg selfie, is there such a thing? I think there is and I tend to take more leg selfies than face selfies.

legswestvillageThis is not a leg selfie, just a normal picture of a pair of legs, in front of a house in West Village, NY.

Has been Conscious

IMG_0433bMűcsarnok swimming in light seen after swimming in a pool at the Széchenyi baths. I was swimming, not Műcsarnok. I’m obsessed with swimming, at least in the last two posts and it will continue. I’ll tell you why later.

IMG_0428bDress/H&M Conscious Collection. Sandals/Swedish Hasbeens that I was so lucky to find second hand.

Testing the stability of the bridge in city park, it hasbeen passing with conscious effort.

IMG_0461bThe above was a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining it wasn’t warm enough outside. Now I’m dipping my head the water put out for dogs.

Pálinka and Rama


For those who thought I disappeared and moved in to a cave,

YOU WERE (almost) RIGHT! Not exactly but I did spend time in a couple of caves in Miskolc. The first one was the cave bath, which was really cool! 

Some might see a resemblance between the entrance and Machu Picchu and start looking out for Incas and lamas. The closest thing we found was pálinka and Rama.


Thumbs up from Nicole, Bullet, Kate. First cave done!

IMG_0102bFor some odd reason we didn’t spend too much time in this one.

IMG_0055bAfter all the rocks I was more than tempted to buy these shoes. Wearing them would be like constantly walking on pebbles. Ouch! Supposed to be good for you, but they are ugly.

I didn’t buy them.