Pool and beer

Siargao kalinawLet’s move on to another island, Siargao the surfer’s paradise in Mindanao. Here I am, in front of my little bungalow. Surrounded by cute spiders and the type of green plants people have in their houses in Europe.  Just here they’re ten times bigger and with scarier spiders.

Dress from the beach in Boracay

pool kalinawThe pool, a few steps away. Looks totally nice and safe during the day.

poolBut at night it’s inhabited by aliens.

san miguel bugSome thought safer to stay away and head straight for a San Miguel until the sun comes up again.

And it burns, burns, burns

whiskeyIt’s cold outside. Because it’s winter. But ,what does one do to stay warm? One option is to go to a whisky tasting event with friends. I can assure you some of that whisky did burn down the throat. It was Burn’s night after all.

whiskey feetAfter the seventh taster it was easier looking under the table than above it. I consider myself lucky to have friends with fun shoes.Just one note, even after all that burning whisky I still feel cold today. How do you stay warm?

Make sense

Logic is an important part of the universe. Tomorrow is Friday and because of that I’m showing you what I did last Friday. Makes sense.

What happened was I went to a fundraising party (They need more money, if you have any give it to them) for a project called Menjek/Maradjak (should I stay or should I go). It’s a film project about Hungarians who moved abroad, sort of like me, just the opposite. Logical.

SwedenI was happy to find some Swedish Dala horses in the window. Out of them 2 wanted to stay, and 1 decided to go.

menjekThe woman in this film decided to go. The people at the party stayed.

bikesThis guy also decided to go. The bikes are staying.

outfit.Logically I was wearing some clothes that I decided to show off in an old dentist chair. Does this make sense to you?

ouchDress/Vila, Turban/Old, Boots/ Steve Madden

It doesn’t to me.

Birds without wings

2016 so far has been quiet an cold. I spent most of the time watching movies in bed. Before I spent 2 days doing almost nothing I spent the first couple of hours of the year at a party. There were 3 chicken in the kitchen with me. In Hungary it’s tradition to eat lentils on new year’s eve, it symbolizes money. Every little lentils is a little piece of money. One has to eat a lot to get up to a decent sum. I pretend it’s Euros. 

Another thing about food here is you shouldn’t eat bird on new year’s, your luck will fly away.

3 chicken

What to do with this luck stealing piece of bird?

2 chickenIt had no wings but one flew away faster than I could say chapate


blurryLook a bird!

hold onLet’s all hold on to each other, and stop the other chicken from flying away with our luck. Yay!

I had some luck earlier at the horse races and won money on a horse and race that was bet on by mistake. I’m hoping for more mistakes like that in 2016. Good mistakes.