Notre(ally a) Dame

pandiciel dressI’ve been back in Budapest for a while now and one of the first things I did was to hang out in one of my favourite places, the P’andiciel work room.

pandicielOnly one is a real person. The other one’s a doll. No I mean both are dolls but only one’s real.

pandaiciel chastity beltThrowing in an outfit as well. For a week a wore a chastity belt . Like I always do when my boyfriend’s out of town.

pandicielchastityIf you thought wearing a chastity belt was tough, try carrying Notre dame around.

Pool and beer

Siargao kalinawLet’s move on to another island,¬†Siargao the surfer’s paradise in Mindanao. Here I am, in front of my little bungalow. Surrounded by cute spiders and the type of green plants people have in their houses in Europe.¬† Just here they’re ten times bigger and with scarier spiders.

Dress from the beach in Boracay

pool kalinawThe pool, a few steps away. Looks totally nice and safe during the day.

poolBut at night it’s inhabited by aliens.

san miguel bugSome thought safer to stay away and head straight for a San Miguel until the sun comes up again.

Up the coconut tree

palmsA picture from our balcony in Boracay, I would say a room with a view. If it wasn’t for those palm trees. They were everywhere in Boracay and it was really hard to take a picture without them. Not that it was a problem, just sayin’.

palm friendSurrounded

Dress from Zara

palm climbThis guy! He took it to a whole new level and climbed all the way up to the top. Just to get a view without a coconut tree in the way. Crazy!

Shot up!

mosquitoExciting times! In a couple of weeks I’m traveling somewhere far, far away. Just to be a bit prepared I got a couple of shots. If I wasn’t freaked out about exotic diseases before, they did a good job at the clinic with this mosquito.

smurfettePiece from exhibition at Latarka

The Smurfette had the same effect on the thought of showing my winter body in a bikini in the near future.

outfit leoLeopard coat, Reserved// Cashmere hat, Uniqlo

No panic, there’s still some time to wear my new leopard coat. Finding a good spot to use the self timer on the camera is also on the list. Perhaps somewhere without paint buckets and a wall. Possible where my head fits in as well.

eyeshadowHere’s my head. Haven’t lost it yet. Today.

Make sense

Logic is an important part of the universe. Tomorrow is Friday and because of that I’m showing you what I did last Friday. Makes sense.

What happened was I went to a fundraising party (They need more money, if you have any give it to them) for a project called Menjek/Maradjak (should I stay or should I go). It’s a film project about Hungarians who moved abroad, sort of like me, just the opposite. Logical.

SwedenI was happy to find some Swedish Dala horses in the window. Out of them 2 wanted to stay, and 1 decided to go.

menjekThe woman in this film decided to go. The people at the party stayed.

bikesThis guy also decided to go. The bikes are staying.

outfit.Logically I was wearing some clothes that I decided to show off in an old dentist chair. Does this make sense to you?

ouchDress/Vila, Turban/Old, Boots/ Steve Madden

It doesn’t to me.