Painters Palace

flowerBudapest’s a great place for those who like to hang around in artsy places. Now there’s one more to add to your list, The Painters Palace on Bródy Sándor.  Here are some pictures from the opening last Saturday. Jesse above is one of the founders. If you’re a founder you get flowers.

stairsThere were stairs. Only one person fell down. He got up again.


Skirt/Vintage, Sandals/ Skopunkten

Candles. No one was burnt.

the bandA band played

bandPeople were dancing

dancingMore dancing and holding hands

heyPointing fingers. This is Thom the other founder. He had no flowers but looked happy anyway.

sinkA sink if you need a wash

If you like to paint or to look at other people painting, go check out the Painters Palace

The owners are really cool and super friendly.

Purple Rain

moonThe moon said hello one afternoon.

freaked outI dressed as a Purple Rain in honour of Prince.

sequinsThat pretty much sums up the past week of me being sick and not doing too much outside the house.

Sequin skirt, H&M / Purple night gown, Vintage



Skeleton Passage

IMG_0945bI went to an opening at the Puccs gallery last week. There were skeletons, wiener schnitzels and beer. It all makes sense when the artists are from Austria, or wait, maybe just 2 things out of 3 do. I’m no sure about the connection to skeletons and it’s probably better that way.

It was the last day wearing a skirt without tights this year. So I did. It could’ve also been the last time this year ignoring a skeleton. From now on I promise not to ignore any skeletons (unless someone tells me a really freaky story about Austrians having a weird connection to them), at least until new year’s.

IMG_0949bDress Vintage// Loafers Vintage

Screaming friends in the mirror. are harder to ignore, since they attack from two sides.


After all that drama I went to see a Norwegian guy who didn’t want to die in den Haag. It felt good knowing he probably doesn’t have to.


A couple of songs later he was diggin’ it and den Hague was not on his mind anymore. After all his name was Passage, Lasse Passage. Who stays in a passage. Not even den Haag.