Gardening Glove Review

stopSTOP working, it’s Friday afternoon.

garden gloves

Since I care about my readers I wouldn’t just start the weekend without doing something for you.  Until 5 minutes ago I had no idea what that would be. Then I remembered I bought a pair of gardening gloves that I could review. 

Colour: Nice red with polka dots.

Shape: Weird with fingers leaning backwards. I have quite stiff fingers and can’t push them that direction.

Size: The only available size was medium and I have very small hands. What can I say, one glove covers almost my whole face.

I give these gardening gloves,

turkish black tomatoes

3 out of 5 Turkish black tomatoes

Dirty Deeds

tulipsTo be honest I’m not really known as someone who likes bugs and worms and that is because I don’t. My last close encounter with a worm/big ass maggot occurred the other day. Strawberries were involved, maggot was very much involved in the strawberries. However you like to put it, I was put off and am not sure I can eat strawberries again. What I wanted to say with this is that I now together with some friends have a little plot of land, and that also involves strawberries.

garden benchOne of the benches one can sit on after cuddling worms.

watering cansCans to make sure worms don’t get dehydrated.


Despite dirt and worms it’s all happy faces in the garden.

No more selfies

wolfieWhen you’re tired of the old selfie take a wolfie.

mangalica selfieOr have someone else take a picture of you.

I hate when people take pictures of me eating because I eat like a pig. Sharing it anyway since my hair looks really blonde and fluffy.

Shake it


The sunsets in Boracay were as amazing as the flaming mangos at Cyma

flaming mangoIt took me a couple of days to tell the difference.

Cyma flaming mango Until I realized the mango is served with ice cream. This is obviously a mango.

mango shakeMango shakes are tricky, they don’t come with ice cream. Just ice and no flames. I had a huge mango shake tab at the hotel that “caught on fire”, suddenly the shakes became the sunset, and my tab disappeared.

Sea you


tricycle boracayFirst tricycle ride in my life, arriving in Boracay

airport boatNot the first boat ride in my life

life vestsAlmost there

bullet shih at cymaFinally Bullet was reconnected with his paintings at Cyma. Our friend Sunshine’s fantastic restaurant. Been eating so much seafood I now look like a crab. Or I did at least after the first day on the beach.

I was going to post a longer thing but time is short and internet a bit slow. I’m slow, not short here compared to the locals.