Has been Conscious

IMG_0433bMűcsarnok swimming in light seen after swimming in a pool at the Széchenyi baths. I was swimming, not Műcsarnok. I’m obsessed with swimming, at least in the last two posts and it will continue. I’ll tell you why later.

IMG_0428bDress/H&M Conscious Collection. Sandals/Swedish Hasbeens that I was so lucky to find second hand.

Testing the stability of the bridge in city park, it hasbeen passing with conscious effort.

IMG_0461bThe above was a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining it wasn’t warm enough outside. Now I’m dipping my head the water put out for dogs.


IMG_0142bWhat do you do when it’s summer but the sun is nowhere to be seen.  Look at other people who seem to be enjoying themselves in a bathing suit, or even naked, is one option. So, I dug up some pictures, here we go. Above is someone who doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia, at least she didn’t think so until she was left swimming in this box for a day or two.

IMG_0215bThe mermaid who’s tail is not where it should be, or is it?


IMG_0412The person who got a new bathing suit but was too cold to try it on without clothes. (Alright, it’s me. I just didn’t want to post a picture of myself in a bikini) Very happy though I finally bought a new one. It’s the hardest and most time consuming task of the year, and bow it’s done!

Please sun, come out and bleach my hair and my bathing suit.

IMG_0413bBikini H&M

When my skin is as brown as this chair a picture of me in a bathing suit might appear.