Hole in the wall

house in 8thI  went out for a walk in the 8th district today. This district is full of hole in the wall places, literally and hypothetically speaking.

bullet 8th districtMore holes and another flag. Be proud of your holes.

vintage dressOn to something more interesting, vintage clothes. On my walk I happened to buy about 7 pieces (didn’t count them, too much brain work for a Saturday) of clothing and the best part of if is they didn’t leave a hole in my wallet.

Notre(ally a) Dame

pandiciel dressI’ve been back in Budapest for a while now and one of the first things I did was to hang out in one of my favourite places, the P’andiciel work room.

pandicielOnly one is a real person. The other one’s a doll. No I mean both are dolls but only one’s real.

pandaiciel chastity beltThrowing in an outfit as well. For a week a wore a chastity belt . Like I always do when my boyfriend’s out of town.

pandicielchastityIf you thought wearing a chastity belt was tough, try carrying Notre dame around.

Yes we Khan

marcoYou know how sometimes you get unconsciously inspired by things and suddenly you feel like you’ve almost changed into it. For me, it works best if the subject of inspiration was a person. If it was something else that inspired me, like a tree for example,  I don’t really tend to feel like I am a tree. To get to the point, I’d been watching Marco Polo a few nights in a row when I suddenly realized, I’ve become a clone of Jingim Khan!

MarcoPoloMy Kung fu skills developed rapidly, so fast it was impossible to take a proper picture.

But you get it. Right?

Look at the eyes

marco 1Who inspired you lately?



Haircut? Not Yeti

hoodie dressMe and an installation at the Puccs gallery. Both wearing fringe, that’s where the similarities end.

Couldn’t find my flower nipple decorations at home. Goddammit.

hoodie dress 1Me again in my new old dress with a hoodie, yay, I like hoodies

Now on to something else. Hair. See how nice and long it is. Now it isn’t, might be nicer, but not so long anymore. Because I had to go to the hairdresser. They do things like that, you know, make your hair shorter. I don’t really like it (I do like Lolli, my hairdresser, she’s really good), I had been saving those dead skin cells since March. Maybe I should be happy about that, it makes the percentage of my living cells larger, just like Yeti. My hairdresser’s dog.

YetiYeti at Lolliland.

RIP it up!

TreesMe and my friends decided to go to one of the big cemeteries in Budapest as part of our Halloween night, and also because it’s all saint’s day and stuff now. Here’s the Russian part of the cemetery with communist colored leaves

gravesGraves with a mall in the background

blaha lujzaBlaha Lujza, mostly known for her metro station


Me, mostly known as creepy


Double creepy with Nicole

halloween cakeRIP it up!

Sweets are needed after a cold dark night among graves

snakeI didn’t dress up this halloween this year, but wore my snake belt. It’s probably the best thing I got this year, at least from the reptile shaped accessories I have.

I was thinking about showing you some of my old halloween costumes, but then I didn’t because I went out to eat dumplings at the Chinese market instead. Found some fake tattoos as well that we were having fun with after the cemetery. Funny enough I quite liked having neck tattoos, never thought so. Even though I like tattoos, a neck tattoo was never something I considered before. Should I get one? What kind? If you say yes and draw a cool picture I will get one. I promise. If you pay for it. Okay, maybe, not sure.