Notre(ally a) Dame

pandiciel dressI’ve been back in Budapest for a while now and one of the first things I did was to hang out in one of my favourite places, the P’andiciel work room.

pandicielOnly one is a real person. The other one’s a doll. No I mean both are dolls but only one’s real.

pandaiciel chastity beltThrowing in an outfit as well. For a week a wore a chastity belt . Like I always do when my boyfriend’s out of town.

pandicielchastityIf you thought wearing a chastity belt was tough, try carrying Notre dame around.

And it burns, burns, burns

whiskeyIt’s cold outside. Because it’s winter. But ,what does one do to stay warm? One option is to go to a whisky tasting event with friends. I can assure you some of that whisky did burn down the throat. It was Burn’s night after all.

whiskey feetAfter the seventh taster it was easier looking under the table than above it. I consider myself lucky to have friends with fun shoes.Just one note, even after all that burning whisky I still feel cold today. How do you stay warm?

Shot up!

mosquitoExciting times! In a couple of weeks I’m traveling somewhere far, far away. Just to be a bit prepared I got a couple of shots. If I wasn’t freaked out about exotic diseases before, they did a good job at the clinic with this mosquito.

smurfettePiece from exhibition at Latarka

The Smurfette had the same effect on the thought of showing my winter body in a bikini in the near future.

outfit leoLeopard coat, Reserved// Cashmere hat, Uniqlo

No panic, there’s still some time to wear my new leopard coat. Finding a good spot to use the self timer on the camera is also on the list. Perhaps somewhere without paint buckets and a wall. Possible where my head fits in as well.

eyeshadowHere’s my head. Haven’t lost it yet. Today.

Birds without wings

2016 so far has been quiet an cold. I spent most of the time watching movies in bed. Before I spent 2 days doing almost nothing I spent the first couple of hours of the year at a party. There were 3 chicken in the kitchen with me. In Hungary it’s tradition to eat lentils on new year’s eve, it symbolizes money. Every little lentils is a little piece of money. One has to eat a lot to get up to a decent sum. I pretend it’s Euros. 

Another thing about food here is you shouldn’t eat bird on new year’s, your luck will fly away.

3 chicken

What to do with this luck stealing piece of bird?

2 chickenIt had no wings but one flew away faster than I could say chapate


blurryLook a bird!

hold onLet’s all hold on to each other, and stop the other chicken from flying away with our luck. Yay!

I had some luck earlier at the horse races and won money on a horse and race that was bet on by mistake. I’m hoping for more mistakes like that in 2016. Good mistakes.