Balaton Fauna

balaton toys Killer whales and lobsters down at Balaton, new and welcomed change to the lake fauna. What I really wanted to say is I’ve been busy with visitors and this is all I have time to show you right now. This picture’s got a lot of animals and should keep you busy/happy for at least a minute. If you’re bored I mean.

No more selfies

wolfieWhen you’re tired of the old selfie take a wolfie.

mangalica selfieOr have someone else take a picture of you.

I hate when people take pictures of me eating because I eat like a pig. Sharing it anyway since my hair looks really blonde and fluffy.

Pool and beer

Siargao kalinawLet’s move on to another island,¬†Siargao the surfer’s paradise in Mindanao. Here I am, in front of my little bungalow. Surrounded by cute spiders and the type of green plants people have in their houses in Europe.¬† Just here they’re ten times bigger and with scarier spiders.

Dress from the beach in Boracay

pool kalinawThe pool, a few steps away. Looks totally nice and safe during the day.

poolBut at night it’s inhabited by aliens.

san miguel bugSome thought safer to stay away and head straight for a San Miguel until the sun comes up again.

A dog’s life

tricycleLast time I was obsessing over mangoes. How can you not be when even the tricycles look like one. This particular one followed me all the way to Puka beach on the other side of Boracay.

puka beach trees

puka shellsPuka beach is famous for it shells so I picked some and took a picture and admired them all day. Giving up half om my sun bed for them.

puka dog profileA dog waiting for the perfect wave

puka tired dogA dog who’s had enough of waves for today