Dress/ Vintage, Grey sweater Forever 21 .Nowadays I like wearing a dress with a simple sweater over it. Makes it look a bit more relaxed and dressed down. For those who want to look stressed and dressed up, just skip the sweater.

The moon is dressed by the sun and has doesn’t have to worry about anything but just spinning around and stuff. Lucky bastard.

Timbuktu took the ship by storm

This weekend has been quite good even if Im still recovering from all kinds of health issues. Nothing too serious, and in any case I assume its better for all if I leave the details out. One thing that has been helping me recover was the concert  I went to on Friday at A38. Timbuktu was amazing live. Lots of dancing and shouting definitely the best concert for a very long time.

Timbuktu in action.

Someone else wanted to get some other action probably got disappointed when noticing the little package was missing.
This night gets 2 thumbs up and silly smiles from both me and Karin.

Ups and downs

 As promised, a few pictures from the wedding last weekend. This is Bullet and John (the groom) and of course Coco the dog. She was a howling, cute little creature.
The bride and her father making their way up to the chapel. If I ever get married I’m sure I would step on and rip my dress in two seconds, well hiring some hobbits to hold it up while walking could be a solution.
Married and photographed from all angles.
Still married.

Dress/Forever 21, Jacket/H&M, Clutch/Vintage

What you can’t see in the picture is that by mistake I bought stay ups instead if tights but they didn’t actually stay up. Not for long at least so I kept hiding in bushes and behind trees to pull them up. In the end it didn’t matter too much that they were half way down my ankles.

Trash Tuesday

JESUS, are you smoking? You so trashy!
Trailer trash.

Don’t park your trash here. Looks like someone’s not following the rules.
There you go, lots of trash to cheer you up.
 All trash is from the flea market at Naschmarkt in Vienna. Love it!

Woody and I

 Sunday evening a time to reflect back upon a time when life had so much more to give. Like yesterday when the day started with some spontaniuos horse riding and ended as expected with a few drinks. The wooden horse gets the blame for my sore body today.