Orange is the new lamp

IMG_1008bBuying old things is my weakness, an old lamp, a dress, or even a pair of used underwear. Actually that’s not true, underwear is where I draw the line. I don’t buy used underwear, they’re just a bit to close to the holy as we say in Swedish. Get it?

This old lamp I found online and had to go pick it up far away in Buda. Things I do on a Friday for some old crap, but I enjoyed my time out with it. It’s not every day you hang out with a lamp in front of a church. Quite cool, I thought. I should take my furniture out more often.

IMG_1007bSame thing on the tram,  this lamp was made for the tram! A woman even sat down next to me and said she has the same lamp at home and that it’s fucking cool. Now I wonder if she actually lived on the tram.

No fröccs limit

IMG_0531bIt’s spring, and in Budapest that means sitting outside drinking fröccs is on the schedule.IMG_0546bDress Vintage, Earrings H&M

Wearing an old ladies dress is another thing I tend to do when it gets warmer. Actually that happens when it’s cold as well.

IMG_0539bBoth shocked how a fröccs can lighten up the night.


*it was hosszúlépes, not fröccs. It’s possible to drink without limits since it’s more water than wine.

Solar eclipse 2015

People have been talking about the solar eclipse all day. Like it was something very special, when in fact there have been several other eclipses lately that have just been ignored by the masses. Have a look below and see what I mean. There are eclipses every day, and these ones you don’t have to cut a whole in a piece of cardboard to see.


IMG_0381Total statue eclipse

IMG_0335Partial tooth eclipse

               IMG_0295IMG_0299Almost total leg and eye eclipse

*Yellow kaftan/vintage, Boots/DinSko



Black Purse

The latest contribution to my bag collection is this geometric patent leather purse, probably from the 80’s. The other day I thought I didn’t have a black purse and now suddenly I have a few. Seems I had a few even when I thought I didn’t have any at all. Lets say like this, I don’t have the one I need, which is a bigger one. One that holds a lot of shit and is good to take on a plane as hand luggage for example when I go to London soon.
How many black purses do you have?

Shadow of the Bat

Got this vintage blouse for 370Ft, (almost free) and beat this, a Batman shadow was included in the price! Amazing, but confusing they didn’t mention it in the store so now I wonder, is this my Batman outfit? Will I save the world? I did go to the gym today so maybe the shadow is a sign that I will be super muscular in the near future.

Now I’m loading with some sugar and a book in case I need to fly out on a mission in the night.