Kikiriki in Krka

IMG_0493bAs promised, another place with water in Croatia. This is still not the Adriatic sea, with the pace I’m posting pictures we won’t get to the Croatian coast until Christmas. Until then enjoy some tourists bathing in the waterfalls in Krka national park.

IMG_0503To be honest, going there I thought we could hang out under the waterfall. We couldn’t, but I figured out a way to get the lake for ourselves instead.All people hanging on the line are just waiting to escape under the rope and under the waterfalls. I told them there’s a treasure.

krka Power and Victory

Most people vanished, the woman behind was the toughest kikiriki* in Krka and didn’t buy my cheap trick.


Sea monster

IMG_0484Continuing on the swim theme. Skradin next to Krka’s national park is one of the places I’ve been under water in the last weeks.

IMG_0470Sea monster rising from the depths of Krka

More pictures of water in Croatia soon. Just have to go to the Hungarian sea now for the weekend. Very busy at the moment with all this swimming on my schedule.

Has been Conscious

IMG_0433bMűcsarnok swimming in light seen after swimming in a pool at the Széchenyi baths. I was swimming, not Műcsarnok. I’m obsessed with swimming, at least in the last two posts and it will continue. I’ll tell you why later.

IMG_0428bDress/H&M Conscious Collection. Sandals/Swedish Hasbeens that I was so lucky to find second hand.

Testing the stability of the bridge in city park, it hasbeen passing with conscious effort.

IMG_0461bThe above was a couple of weeks ago when I was complaining it wasn’t warm enough outside. Now I’m dipping my head the water put out for dogs.


IMG_0142bWhat do you do when it’s summer but the sun is nowhere to be seen.  Look at other people who seem to be enjoying themselves in a bathing suit, or even naked, is one option. So, I dug up some pictures, here we go. Above is someone who doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia, at least she didn’t think so until she was left swimming in this box for a day or two.

IMG_0215bThe mermaid who’s tail is not where it should be, or is it?


IMG_0412The person who got a new bathing suit but was too cold to try it on without clothes. (Alright, it’s me. I just didn’t want to post a picture of myself in a bikini) Very happy though I finally bought a new one. It’s the hardest and most time consuming task of the year, and bow it’s done!

Please sun, come out and bleach my hair and my bathing suit.

IMG_0413bBikini H&M

When my skin is as brown as this chair a picture of me in a bathing suit might appear.

Fountain of Joy

pand3A few days late, here are some pictures from the Magical Fashionbox, Dressing Disorder  performance on Tuesday. I was the emcee dressed in a lovely pink outfit. Don’t you just love how I match the iPig and the trash can. The megaphone was extremely popular with the neighbours upstairs.

pandThe Ice cube is the coolest

pand4The socialist couple. A very social couple of people.

pand6All fabulous people

pand2Selfie with my special selfie cigarette holder selfie stick

fr0ccs The most popular Fröccs fountain in the 8th district. The history of this fountain has some similarities to the Fountain of Joy in Siena. First is they are both fountains, second is that there were women too pagan or nude that were removed from both of them.

More photos Dressing Disorder

All photos by Őry AnnaMária