From West to East

nyugatiIt’s travel time again and just wanted to check in before to say hi and bye until next week. My expectations from the trip is explained in a couple of the signs above the exit at the Nyugati (Western, for those who don’t speak Hungarian) train station. eating, drinking and possibly take a taxi somewhere.

ac dcHere’s the kind of drinking I’m not planning on doing.

travel the worldIf we’re talking about drinking one of the most important is that the drinks are cold. Here I am showing you what a cooler could look like. I’m not taking this one with me because it’s too heavy.

I’m off to Keleti to catch a train south.

Where the River Bends

révLast weekend I was invited to a wedding ceremony in Kisoroszi the tip of Szentendre island up by the Danube bend. We took this ferry, before this we were on a tram, a local train, and a bus. Perfect trip for those who like to try out as many means of transport possible in a day.

boat to kisorosziFerry

gateFirst thing I saw on the island was this cool gate.

dinnerPeople more used to wild life were camping. Other people that is, not me.

good byeOn the Friday we said good bye to Mark’s dog Jocsó. He’s now swimming down the Danube after a stick. Forever. I cried.

fireThe night ended by the fire place with some drinks and BBQ. Around 11 it was time to try and find our little pension walking through the darkness. At this point I wasn’t so happy about not camping. Until I was in my comfortable bed that is. The wedding ceremony gets a blog post on its own.

Dippin’ it

Christmas treeMerry Christmas!

I hope you all have the best holidays with way too much food and some well deserved presents. For those who don’t like food and presents I still wish you a nice holiday.

I for sure am looking forward to eating for example “dip in the pot” this is the direct translation from Swedish, it sounds ridicuolous. But that’s what it is, a dip in the pot.

Baby JesusBaby Jesus looks like he started early and is already in a food coma.

*pictures taken at Puccs

How fried meat inspired me

IMG_0940bArt is so inspiring, here’s a live example of how I got inspired by a wiener schnitzel

My last post was from an exhibition where Austrian artist Josef Wurm framed a wiener schnitzel (bécsi szelet in Hungarian). It wasn’t the most beautiful piece I’ve seen but still there was something tempting and made me want more. Now you might think I got really hungry and went and had a big greasy piece of fried meat somewhere. No, actually I didn’t. Instead I went to Vienna the next day for some more meaty experiences.

IMG_0966bLuckily I found two different kinds of meaty things, first some Ethiopian food.

IMG_0967bNext day something else, connected to human meat. Wasn’t sure I was SMart enough for this one.