Italy continued…After the night in Rome we took the train to Viterbo and the villa where the wedding was going to be. Well, first we took a train to the airport and back by mistake. That only added about 2 hours to the already 2 1/2 hour trip, this view made up for it later in the evening. If only all weekends could start like this. Obviously without the train ride.

My eyes were getting smaller every day. There are no pictures of me from the last day so don’t worry, you don’t have to see me like a newborn rat.

Some snacks and drinks and my favourite waiter.
Some snacks and drinks without my favourite waiter who probably was up on the terrace preparing for dinner. I ate a lot. It was good.

When in Rome

I got back from Italy and just uploaded my pictures. First I thought I would show you what happened in Rome the day I was there. Well first of all I found a big hole in the ceiling of a church. It wasn’t raining so I never got the answer what happens when it does.

I was as straight as the pole behind me on the Spanish steps.

Had a big dinner  and lots of wine with people from all over the place.
Captured the owner of the restaurant checking out someone’s ass, while doing accounts.
Went to a bar or two and drank some more. Sorry about the finger but this was the picture I looked the best in (and that’s the most important).

Sweet as candy

Because I like sugar a bit too much I had to share this picture of candy art I saw at the Viennafair on Sunday. I spent the weekend in Vienna. Sundays all shops were closed so I went to the art fair. But of course when the shops were open, on Saturday, I visited the flea market at Naschmarkt and did some shopping around town. maybe I’ll show you some of that tomorrow. Now I need to sleep and hoping this picture will give both you and me sweet dreams. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.



 Lunch at Jerry’s the day before the wedding.  This place managed to keep me away from the sun for a while. My skin thanks you Jerry, without you maybe I would be peeling on my first day in Sardinia.

So, finally I managed to pick a few of the pictures from Sardinia. I went there to go to my friends wedding. I haven’t been to many weddings but this is my second one in Italy. Soon I will be an expert and can be hired for Italian wedding consulting.
I took quite a few pictures, not too many nice ones though, seems either my brain or my camera was out of focus.
The massage girl on the side of the restaurant. She had nice colourful shoes, which you can’t see in this picture.

Waiting next to the square to go to dinner the day before the wedding.

Happy people at dinner.
Vintage skirt from Retrock/ heels Reserved,/earrings H&M

After eating and drinking like there is no wedding tomorrow, you might need to focus on one certain point to not get sick. My point happened to be in a stone wall and it grew on me, or was that a cactus growing one my back?

Sailing along

Denim vest, purple jacket and belt/Vintage
This picture is actually not from Sardinia but from Berlin where I had a stopover. It was definitely worth it, meeting a bartender looking like a mix between Pippi Longstocking and a sailor can make you forget about you not bringing any warm clothes to a cold and rainy place. Like I did. The drinks had nothing to do with that, of course.