Shot up!

mosquitoExciting times! In a couple of weeks I’m traveling somewhere far, far away. Just to be a bit prepared I got a couple of shots. If I wasn’t freaked out about exotic diseases before, they did a good job at the clinic with this mosquito.

smurfettePiece from exhibition at Latarka

The Smurfette had the same effect on the thought of showing my winter body in a bikini in the near future.

outfit leoLeopard coat, Reserved// Cashmere hat, Uniqlo

No panic, there’s still some time to wear my new leopard coat. Finding a good spot to use the self timer on the camera is also on the list. Perhaps somewhere without paint buckets and a wall. Possible where my head fits in as well.

eyeshadowHere’s my head. Haven’t lost it yet. Today.


freedomxmaslightsToday is Friday, meaning I’m free until Monday. If it wasn’t work Saturday tomorrow… Anyway, let’s have a look at freedom (tower) from different angles. Starting with the best one.

freedomtowerFreedom in sunshine

Like a Saturday

njfreeFreedom from far far away, with obstacles like a fucking river

Like a Monday

freedomactionFreedom stuck between high voltage cables

Like in an office cubicle



Magnolia bakeryLet’s move on to nicer things. Here’s a dude decorating a cake at the Magnolia Bakery. That’s cute, because that cake will make someone happy. If it doesn’t, that person isn’t even worth a muffin.

Magnolia bMore cakes. This time I didn’t get anything, I just peeped in through the window on the way to a dinner around the corner. Next time I’m getting something there for sure, even if it’s right before dinner.

YOLO. Next time.

SargeOne more cute thing is Sarge, the labradoodle puppy I got to spend some quality time with, both in DC and New York. He made me happy. If he didn’t I would have eaten a muffin before dinner.

Shit! I’m back

trumpI’m back again! Guess from where. From the country where this popular turd is running for president. Not going to talk politics, but this is funny shit.

As promised from today I’m going to post something every day for one week at least. If you have anything you would like to see more of, or any questions you want me to answer, let me know and I’ll do my best to fulfill your requests. Just ask me anything and I will answer.

(I have only one issue at the moment. My camera broke and now I can only use my phone so not sure how that will work. The good thing is that I have pictures from my holiday, and other older stuff until I get a new one.)

Ups and downs

 As promised, a few pictures from the wedding last weekend. This is Bullet and John (the groom) and of course Coco the dog. She was a howling, cute little creature.
The bride and her father making their way up to the chapel. If I ever get married I’m sure I would step on and rip my dress in two seconds, well hiring some hobbits to hold it up while walking could be a solution.
Married and photographed from all angles.
Still married.

Dress/Forever 21, Jacket/H&M, Clutch/Vintage

What you can’t see in the picture is that by mistake I bought stay ups instead if tights but they didn’t actually stay up. Not for long at least so I kept hiding in bushes and behind trees to pull them up. In the end it didn’t matter too much that they were half way down my ankles.