Where the River Bends

révLast weekend I was invited to a wedding ceremony in Kisoroszi the tip of Szentendre island up by the Danube bend. We took this ferry, before this we were on a tram, a local train, and a bus. Perfect trip for those who like to try out as many means of transport possible in a day.

boat to kisorosziFerry

gateFirst thing I saw on the island was this cool gate.

dinnerPeople more used to wild life were camping. Other people that is, not me.

good byeOn the Friday we said good bye to Mark’s dog Jocsó. He’s now swimming down the Danube after a stick. Forever. I cried.

fireThe night ended by the fire place with some drinks and BBQ. Around 11 it was time to try and find our little pension walking through the darkness. At this point I wasn’t so happy about not camping. Until I was in my comfortable bed that is. The wedding ceremony gets a blog post on its own.

Balaton Fauna

balaton toys Killer whales and lobsters down at Balaton, new and welcomed change to the lake fauna. What I really wanted to say is I’ve been busy with visitors and this is all I have time to show you right now. This picture’s got a lot of animals and should keep you busy/happy for at least a minute. If you’re bored I mean.


The past days I’ve had some issues uploading pictures for different reasons. Main reason is being an idiot. Luckily my hard drive is full of old, never published photos. Because of all this here’s a story from the week I spent in Prague last year, around this time.

sneakThe reason going was to perform at the Prague Fringe Festival. Being a tourist one can always rely on another one to find the way.

sneak peekTwo people helping finding the fringe. For some reason they seemed confused and kept looking at my hair and claimed it almost impossible to find it.

fringe or no fringeThe  girlfriend said he used to have fringe before he lost his head.

fringeAnother person directed me to this window. Not exactly the fringe I was looking for.

red headUnder this red head piece he assured me there was a fringe. Still not the right one.

mad barIt turned out I was just a selfie away and there it was my fringe at the Fringe festival outside a bar with a really cool name 🙂

Summer Training

train tracksRight now I’m sitting in my bed waiting for dinner and catching up with my photos, exactly a week ago I was waiting for a train back to Budapest. Let’s see from where.

balaton viewThe Hungarian sea!

lángosWhere we ate lángos. I write we here so you don’t think I ate both of them. To be more exact there were 3 on the table, just one isn’t visible here.

bbqOne of the best things about being in the countryside is you can BBQ in your PJS.

batik dressYou can wait for the train in a dress with female body parts (someone told me it looks like a giant VJJ).

camoThe train conductor wasn’t too impressed by my camo skills. I paid him to pretend he was, it’s the same price as the ticket. Funny enough.

sunsetEnd of first Balaton trip 2016



Pool and beer

Siargao kalinawLet’s move on to another island, Siargao the surfer’s paradise in Mindanao. Here I am, in front of my little bungalow. Surrounded by cute spiders and the type of green plants people have in their houses in Europe.  Just here they’re ten times bigger and with scarier spiders.

Dress from the beach in Boracay

pool kalinawThe pool, a few steps away. Looks totally nice and safe during the day.

poolBut at night it’s inhabited by aliens.

san miguel bugSome thought safer to stay away and head straight for a San Miguel until the sun comes up again.