Trash Tuesday

JESUS, are you smoking? You so trashy!
Trailer trash.

Don’t park your trash here. Looks like someone’s not following the rules.
There you go, lots of trash to cheer you up.
 All trash is from the flea market at Naschmarkt in Vienna. Love it!


Dress Indiska
 Recycling is a good both for you and the environment.
Being left at the recycling station by your friends is sad.

I come from Sweden

Back in Budapest again and already found some trash to hang out with.

Scratching the back of trash is a completely altruistic behaviour. Some people might say it’s just meaningless, but we all come from different places. I come from Sweden.Literally.

Off the beaten track in Belgrade

Belgrade is the city I spent my Easter weekend if you couldn’t figure it out from the last picture. This flea market is were I ended up on Sunday and I’m still not sure this was the place I was supposed to go to. In any case it was interesting and since I like trash this was the perfect place to spend some time.
Old shoes and clothes and who knows what
A lot of who knows what was for sale, and some more shoes
Even on the old Playboy there’s a pair of shoes
Here you could walk the red carpet but only if you take your shoes off first and then you can buy them back from someone else possibly? This is my only explanation to why there were so many old shoes on the market.

Panda conquers Kosice

Now you might think I’ve been going through trash again. Looks deceive. This is the home of the Panda props and I spent last night there helping getting costumes ready for tomorrow. We’re going to Kassa/Kosice in Slovakia to do a performance at theater festival. It will be nuts especially since I have to present the costumes in Slovakian and I don’t speak a word of it. But who does? If you want to  know more about  Panda have look at their website
An almost finished ass. (on the left)
No real flasher without a butterfly collection in your coat