Underground vs. Mainstream

furnitureI started my Saturday with looking at furniture at Project showroom’s pop up furniture store with Nicole. Here she is. Underground as she is.

bachAt Astoria there was Bach in a party hat. Also underground.

mjAfter all that we needed something above ground and moved on to check out something more mainstream. The Michael Jackson tree. After about 2 seconds we decided to beat it.

radnotiRan into Radnóti, he hangs out on Nagymező all the time.

Bomber/Stradivarius, Dress/Vintage, Jeans/Levis

springtreeOne of the best things was seeing the first green tree of the year. I’m sure there are other somewhere else, just the government here’s killing all the trees and because of that I don’t see that many.

Orange is the new lamp

IMG_1008bBuying old things is my weakness, an old lamp, a dress, or even a pair of used underwear. Actually that’s not true, underwear is where I draw the line. I don’t buy used underwear, they’re just a bit to close to the holy as we say in Swedish. Get it?

This old lamp I found online and had to go pick it up far away in Buda. Things I do on a Friday for some old crap, but I enjoyed my time out with it. It’s not every day you hang out with a lamp in front of a church. Quite cool, I thought. I should take my furniture out more often.

IMG_1007bSame thing on the tram,  this lamp was made for the tram! A woman even sat down next to me and said she has the same lamp at home and that it’s fucking cool. Now I wonder if she actually lived on the tram.

Dump (the) ling(erie)

IMG_0446bI’ve been sick the last few days, the only thing I did today except sitting in my bed, was to go downstairs to get some leek. Last Saturday I wasn’t sick and actually did get out a bit more. Me and some friends went up to the Chinese market to eat dumplings at a secret place and found some interesting items on the way.

IMG_0448bVery sexy tanga. I suggest wearing them very sexy tangas with the rasta hat and skeleton mask.

Add some hand cuffs and you’re ready to go. Don’t ask me where.

IMG_0438bEat the dumplings first, it’s hard when your hands are tied.

Fishy, foxy, bananas

takA week ago I was invited to go see the Barber from Seville. It was years ago since I saw an opera and in honor of that I stayed awake during the whole performance which is a great achievement from someone like me. However I did fall asleep every night this week in front of every series I watched so no worries for those who know me. I still have it in me, the ability to always miss a part from whatever I’m watching.

operaStill awake, ok this is in the break and I had just had a coke to make sure I could make it through the other half.

Knowing how many dangers I was to encounter later that evening one might think my subconscious kept me awake.

hummerFirst threat was a gigantic hummer let loose on the streets.


IMG_0374Second was this man and his foxes inviting for a cocktail.


IMG_0403Third were these snakes that had been in my ears all night, I’m lucky they were more in to bananas.


IMG_0373Good thing I wore black so I could hide in the shadows, I mean in the toilet.


IMG_0318Two big ugly clocks next to each other, I ask myself why. Double torture, double delight depending on what day and hour. Is there anyone who really doesn’t care about time? Sometimes I try not to but then I don’t have time to do all that I should. See, it all comes down to time.

Let’s see what it could be time for right now

  IMG_0328Is it time for some leather clothing? Probably not from this shop

IMG_0316To pay the rent?

Only 9000Ft/month. Here we have 9 pigeons sharing the space, meaning it’s a pretty good deal.

Pigeons don’t have money so it’s not time for that either.


IMG_0329Is it time to quit smoking? Obviously not for the person who burnt the sign.

What do you think it’s time for?

I’ll tell you later what I think.