Is White Too Light?

shoeA white shoe. In my possession. How did this happen? Good question because for some reason I feel very strange in light coloured shoes and clothes. I really don’t know why. It just doesn’t feel like me, I’ve tried a few times but all I want is to run home and change before someone sees me.

Is there anyone else out there with the same issue?

white shoes The good thing about these shoes is, even if they’re still just waiting to be taken out on the streets, they probably cost less than a jar of 5Ft coins. Hence the composition.

White shoes, Vintage

Walking on broken glass

Platform shoes from Reserved
My new shoes getting used to the outside world. Even if they got a taste of the sky they didn’t make me feel like I was walking on clouds, more like walking on broken glass.

Off the beaten track in Belgrade

Belgrade is the city I spent my Easter weekend if you couldn’t figure it out from the last picture. This flea market is were I ended up on Sunday and I’m still not sure this was the place I was supposed to go to. In any case it was interesting and since I like trash this was the perfect place to spend some time.
Old shoes and clothes and who knows what
A lot of who knows what was for sale, and some more shoes
Even on the old Playboy there’s a pair of shoes
Here you could walk the red carpet but only if you take your shoes off first and then you can buy them back from someone else possibly? This is my only explanation to why there were so many old shoes on the market.