Outfit and an empty box

Empty box of popcorn echoes like an empty stomach and the empty stomach explains the next picture.
Asymmetric dress/ Zara, Belt/ Vintage, Shoes/Din Sko
If the party isn’t crazy you have to pretend to be. Here I’m doing well on that part.

X-ray eyewear

Glasses/ Åhléns
 Got myself a pair of glasses with what it seems built in X-ray function.
Black and pink, nice colours. They are very cool but I think I look a bit weird in them.
Maybe it’s just the light.

The stairs can wait

Top/Vero Moda, Jacket with faux leather details/ H&M
There’s a smoking ban in Hungary since 1 January, maybe soon my lungs will be strong enough to climb these stairs to the toilet. Oh wait, in many places they still let you smoke since they don’t get a fine the first 3 months. The stairs can wait.

Me and the legend

Is that excitement on my face or just fear of being thrown overboard?
Here we are, me and Kid Congo. The legend I had never heard of. I didn’t tell him that.
The concert wasn’t that great but judging from the pictures it looks like I was smiling anyway.