I’m going in!

Men always ask why women always go together to the bathroom. The true answer is to get rid of them for a while, but also that it’s for some reason a good place to take pictures. The pictures are in general not good though.
Skirt Ungaro Parallele (Vintage)/ Jacket H&M

No more pictures please I have to go!

Fake waves

Sunglasses and top H&M/ Skull Necklace, made by me.

 A Greek lunch on a terrace next to the Danube is not bad. The wind was pretty strong and for a second it felt like being by the Mediterranean Sea, having a bit of salt water sprinkle in my eyes. But then I realized the salt came from the man at the next table was salting his fish and the moment was gone.

I drowned my sorrows with Greek wine and looked at the river. Not too bad that either.

The fish, also longing for the sea, so I made a fake blue wave.

Get dressed Grandma!

A while ago I told you about some old night gowns I got and was planning to wear as summer dresses. Now I finally wore one of them out, and at night of course. When else?
Your grandmother has the same dress? Well, she obviously can’t bother getting dressed when you visit. Otherwise you wouldn’t know, right

The fabric in better light.

Hats and horses

Almost weekend again! That reminds me of the Kentucky Derby Cinco de Mayo party I went to last Saturday. Hats were required, horses and Mexicans preferred. The latter two were, to everyone’s disappointment, a no-show.
Or actually, there was at least one fake Mexican and people were just as happy with that

Pinata getting smashed by a woman in a white hat.
Treasures, for the people

Skirt Stradivarius/ Everything else/Vintage
Posing with a trophy killing is not cool unless it’s made of paper and has never showed any sign of life.