Lunch at Jerry’s the day before the wedding.  This place managed to keep me away from the sun for a while. My skin thanks you Jerry, without you maybe I would be peeling on my first day in Sardinia.

So, finally I managed to pick a few of the pictures from Sardinia. I went there to go to my friends wedding. I haven’t been to many weddings but this is my second one in Italy. Soon I will be an expert and can be hired for Italian wedding consulting.
I took quite a few pictures, not too many nice ones though, seems either my brain or my camera was out of focus.
The massage girl on the side of the restaurant. She had nice colourful shoes, which you can’t see in this picture.

Waiting next to the square to go to dinner the day before the wedding.

Happy people at dinner.
Vintage skirt from Retrock/ heels Reserved,/earrings H&M

After eating and drinking like there is no wedding tomorrow, you might need to focus on one certain point to not get sick. My point happened to be in a stone wall and it grew on me, or was that a cactus growing one my back?

I ate all the chocolate

New old denim top I found at Humana the other day. This is all I have for you today, except the picture of Swedish chocolate below together with the label of the top.

Crazy world filled with Swedish chocolate. The world is now in my stomach, now it sounds like I ate a piece of denim when I really meant the crazy world is in my stomach because I ate all the chocolate. That didn’t sound too good either.

I come from Sweden

Back in Budapest again and already found some trash to hang out with.

Scratching the back of trash is a completely altruistic behaviour. Some people might say it’s just meaningless, but we all come from different places. I come from Sweden.Literally.