Mirror Mirror

Fashion bloggers tend to take outfit pictures of themselves in the mirror all the time. It looks very easy and sometimes a bit silly I think. The truth is, it’s quite a skill, or at least you need to think of a few things to make it a shot worth posting. First for example you need a good mirror in a good spot. As you see above, the one in my house doesn’t meet those criteria. Also you should think about cleaning up the space around the mirror. For example don’t let your basket full of dirty laundry be visible in the background and move all other shit that will be visible if you don’t want people to see your mess.

Here the problem is the flash and the boyfriend’s red rain jacket on the left, but the door is closed and hides that dirty laundry.
In this one no shit is visible but so isn’t the outfit either.  Now you know why there are no mirror outfits on Styleomad.

Woody and I

 Sunday evening a time to reflect back upon a time when life had so much more to give. Like yesterday when the day started with some spontaniuos horse riding and ended as expected with a few drinks. The wooden horse gets the blame for my sore body today.

Crossing bridges

Lunch break at the Danube. The view of the Freedom bridge, Gellért bath and a monastery is making me think. Is it freedom bridge because you have to choose to go either to the bath and indulge or to the monastery and live a simple life with God.
 Tough decision ehrrm…..

Denim top, skirt with scarf print and belt/vintage
I choose to not even cross the bridge and go back to work.

Sunday Sunny Sunday


Best way to start the week is to let your brain stay in the weekend. Now my mind is sitting at a restaurant drinking sparkling wine with friends while my body is typing this post.
Cheers to myself.
We went from lunch to a beer festival. Karin and I both wore beer camouflage tops. It made no sense, it was still visible we had a beer in our hand all the time.
Money were spent.
Bruno found a dog to play with.
We found the dog’s owners, a cool happy Spanish couple. That was most of my Sunday, not a bad one at all.
OOOOPS! I just realized this wasn’t my Sunday, but actually Saturday 🙂
 Nevermind it would have made a good Sunday as well.