Yes we Khan

marcoYou know how sometimes you get unconsciously inspired by things and suddenly you feel like you’ve almost changed into it. For me, it works best if the subject of inspiration was a person. If it was something else that inspired me, like a tree for example,  I don’t really tend to feel like I am a tree. To get to the point, I’d been watching Marco Polo a few nights in a row when I suddenly realized, I’ve become a clone of Jingim Khan!

MarcoPoloMy Kung fu skills developed rapidly, so fast it was impossible to take a proper picture.

But you get it. Right?

Look at the eyes

marco 1Who inspired you lately?



Solar eclipse 2015

People have been talking about the solar eclipse all day. Like it was something very special, when in fact there have been several other eclipses lately that have just been ignored by the masses. Have a look below and see what I mean. There are eclipses every day, and these ones you don’t have to cut a whole in a piece of cardboard to see.


IMG_0381Total statue eclipse

IMG_0335Partial tooth eclipse

               IMG_0295IMG_0299Almost total leg and eye eclipse

*Yellow kaftan/vintage, Boots/DinSko



Fishy, foxy, bananas

takA week ago I was invited to go see the Barber from Seville. It was years ago since I saw an opera and in honor of that I stayed awake during the whole performance which is a great achievement from someone like me. However I did fall asleep every night this week in front of every series I watched so no worries for those who know me. I still have it in me, the ability to always miss a part from whatever I’m watching.

operaStill awake, ok this is in the break and I had just had a coke to make sure I could make it through the other half.

Knowing how many dangers I was to encounter later that evening one might think my subconscious kept me awake.

hummerFirst threat was a gigantic hummer let loose on the streets.


IMG_0374Second was this man and his foxes inviting for a cocktail.


IMG_0403Third were these snakes that had been in my ears all night, I’m lucky they were more in to bananas.


IMG_0373Good thing I wore black so I could hide in the shadows, I mean in the toilet.


Halloween party in Vittula last night.
Managed to come up with a costume in the last minute. Executor and a zombie combined. Or something like that.

If not obvious which it obviously isn’t, that’s a maze in my hand. My deepest apologies to those who were hit.
Hello, taxi please. Name? -Just look for an executor on the corner, there aren’t too many on this street, thanks.this street, thanks.
To not bore you with only pictures of myself, here’s a wolf for you. 
 Jack Nicholson was there too.