Open Doors

entranceThe weather report promised a very high temperature for today. I opened the door to cool down the place while it was still “cool” (below 30 degrees) outside.

windowView from my kitchen window.

melon and nailpolishWhen it’s hot I like to eat melon with feta cheese. So I did that and painted my toe nails as well. Silver and pink, not wild about it.

chinese robeOne thing I am wild about is this Chinese robe I found in a small second hand shop close to my house. Not much more happened today except I went out and got nail polish remover.

I’m still alive

For those with problems sleeping on Monday nights I made a selection of relaxing pictures from lake Balaton where I spent the weekend. Only two of them contain dead animals.

No visible dead animal, only an old farmer cutting grass in a tractor. He was very excited and kept on waving to me and my friend who were stalking behind the cherry tree.
Sweet dreams!

Circus nails

Check out how matchy matchy my newest nailpolishes are with my circus pillow case.

Who would have thought people actually match their nails with their pillow? I do. You never know when you get surprised in your sleep by the fashion police. Hasn’t happened yet, but as I said, you never know when and I don’t want to be caught in the bed. With the wrong nail colour…

A woman’s gotta do….

The long weekend is over. This picture is only an illustration, it was a very quiet one. This picture is from a few weeks ago and the beautiful nails belong to a Swede called Carin. I should paint my nails in fun colours soon, now you might wonder why I need to do that. Sometimes a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do and it doesn’t always have a meaning or make sense. Just like the day after a long weekend.