Freestyle Midsummer

blue ruffle lace dressMidsummer’s one of my favourite Swedish holidays and I to what I can to keep the tradition alive even if not in Sweden.


One. Be outside, preferably where there’s grass. My friend’s had a birthday picnic in the park, so I didn’t tell them I was having my own midsummer party in my head on their picnic. That would’ve been rude. To be honest I don’t think anyone noticed my extra celebration.

Two. Food and drinks should be consumed outdoors even if it rains. It did rain on my way to the park, for the rest of the evening it was more or less a steam sauna. Maybe not so Swedish but hey it was close enough. 

Three. Pick flowers. I wore a vintage dress with flowers on and may friend’s daughter gave me a real one.

Four. Eat strawberries. Strawberry season’s over, a picture will do. Really big though.


midsommarstangFive, dance a round a pole. Or whatever you find, like a bus stop.

trolibuszSix. Have so much fun you miss the last bus home.

Left out a few things like herring and snaps, add those to your party and you can get that real sick feeling the day after.

It’s a must

Old houseToday is Christmas for some, which reminds me of a couple of weeks ago when it was Christmas for me, and I was in Sweden.

dipLike most people I ate a lot, for example this is the stuff I was talking about before. The “dip in the pot” which is basically just soggy bread with lots of meat and mustard. Yum!

Cake It’s a must, a julmust

GiantI took “growing a few sizes” during the holidays to a whole new level.

christmas treeAfter holiday snow in Budapest, just to get you in the mood that we should get out of soon.

With this meaningful post I suggest we take Christmas off the podium until next time. I also suggest the snow to fall earlier.