Youngest Vampire Alive

My Halloween celebration was already on Saturday, so I kind of forgot that today is the proper day.  Little did I suspect walking out on the street today and got attacked by a five year old Vampire.
It would‘ve been a lethal attack hadn’t  I told him I’m on antibiotics and feel a bit ill.
The little Vampire couldn’t risk it, recommended me to eat garlic, and then he ran off in to the night.

This should be my last Halloween post for this year, I promise.  
Now I can go back concentrating on clothes and other stuff…. you name it!

Actually, what do you want to see here???



Halloween party in Vittula last night.
Managed to come up with a costume in the last minute. Executor and a zombie combined. Or something like that.

If not obvious which it obviously isn’t, that’s a maze in my hand. My deepest apologies to those who were hit.
Hello, taxi please. Name? -Just look for an executor on the corner, there aren’t too many on this street, thanks.this street, thanks.
To not bore you with only pictures of myself, here’s a wolf for you. 
 Jack Nicholson was there too.

Practise Makes Perfect

It’s Friday and I’m at home in my bed preparing mentally for the traditional Halloween party organized by Rebel. Still have no idea what do dress up as even though we did some improvised practising last week. First attempt was to be a one eyed creature. Not so sure about that one, looks more like I’m drunk, but then again if I only had one eye it’s possible you drink to forget that.

Nicole and Rebel already knew what they will be so they didn’t feel the need to try out different characters. As seen in the picture I also thought of being something with a broken neck. Not comfortable for too long though.


What are you dressing up as on Halloween? 
What should I be? 

Luigi the strong man and other random people

Luigi, the strong man from Italy came to visit for Halloween.
The wise man and the dragon
Sweet girl carrying her fetus
Farao and his mates
Guess who dressed up? One of them didn’t and the best thing is they don’t know each other
 I won the prize for the best  costume! It was a drink in the bar so I got a rum and coke just to make it a bit special. I think that’s one of the most expensive drinks in Vittula.
Another girl who wants to be a man
Posing. They look very impressed in the background, or actually they don’t seem to give a shit.
Paolo is a real Italian just like the strong man but much tougher.
Is that a banana in my pants?
Some people took their roles seriously and attacked the poor furry people.