Dump (the) ling(erie)

IMG_0446bI’ve been sick the last few days, the only thing I did today except sitting in my bed, was to go downstairs to get some leek. Last Saturday I wasn’t sick and actually did get out a bit more. Me and some friends went up to the Chinese market to eat dumplings at a secret place and found some interesting items on the way.

IMG_0448bVery sexy tanga. I suggest wearing them very sexy tangas with the rasta hat and skeleton mask.

Add some hand cuffs and you’re ready to go. Don’t ask me where.

IMG_0438bEat the dumplings first, it’s hard when your hands are tied.

Mad Style or Bad Style. Objectifying Animals.

After seeing this photo at the Vienna art fair last month (sorry don’t know who the artist is) I felt I need to discuss a serious issue in today’s world.  
Objectifying animals
From my point of view it’s not a big deal if you dress up your dog as a little princess, a hot dog or even paint their claws in pink. It’s when you advertise your little Yorkshire terrier as a wig is just taking it a bit too far.

And most important what do you think, is using live animals as wigs

Mad Style or Bad Style?

In the summertime

Huge pork chops must be freaking sweaty in the summer. Like having a barbecue in your face.
I suggest to put them on the grill until the end of summer, where do you prefer them?

Mad Style or Bad Style Aladin and friends

Can’t wait to go back to Brussels and try out the Coiffure Aladin, I hear it’s magic. Look at the man in the chair, his hair is getting so straight and nice. Just like mine when I’ve been to the hairdresser and not to miss, Aladin himself looking kick-ass in his track top.

But what do you think about the hair and the track top
Mad Style or Bad Style?
To book an appointment please find the phone number on the window

Nice hair though

Yesterday I was at Copenhagen airport and thought I would  take some pictures of interesting people. It got a bit weird sneaking up on people in the airport and I didn’t want to be reported for suspicious behaviour.  So this is the only picture I managed to take.  A couple arguing whether to buy Mumin porcelain or not? Or is she trying to make him sit? I don’t know and will never know. Would it make me a happier person if I knew? That’s one more thing I will never know. Nice hair though.