Gallery Goers

Rum and Bach

This is a synagogue on Rumbach Sebestyén utca that I had never been in to before. It always looks closed and totally destroyed when seeing it from the outside.
Now I had the chance to go inside to see an exhibition, and it was really for the Gallery Goers, too. See who else was there in the link in the previous sentence, where else.

Friends and enemies

Now you might wonder why there’s a picture of a bunch of legs here. I tell you why, it’s a sneak peek from the latest Gallery Goers.
Click on the link and maybe you find yourself or your friend hanging around at a gallery in Budapest. If you haven’t been in a gallery you will obviously not have a chance of seeing yourself, but maybe a distant relative or your future love or enemy.

Watching you

At Trafó, feeling watched.

Stalking people has been part of my life since spring. I quite like it. Talking to and taking pictures of people.
Now this sounds a bit sick, but I do have an excuse it’s for my column Gallery Goers on the art blog Budapest Árt. Basically I’m taking pictures of people going to gallery openings. It’s a simple as that.

I hope to get the chance to stalk you too!