Cotton Candy

nubu outsideWhen was the last time you had cotton candy? A week a go I would’ve not been able to answer that question. For a few years I’ve done all I can to avoid it, and embarrassed not to remember. Admitting it must’ve been more than 20 years ago made me feel old. Thanks to “Nude by Nubu” giving out free cotton candy on their shopping night my life has changed and I can have a full social life and join in on conversations about that fluffy sugar again.

nude by nubuClothes

nubu peoplePeople and clothes.

Nubu openingSomeone buying a white piece of clothing.

basicBasic was written on the wall.

cotton candyThe moment my life changed.

cotton candy faceThe clothes I wore in this crucial moment.

Skirt/Vintage, Shoes/Skopunkten

kidLet’s make sure this kid never gets in to the same situation. I think he had about 10 of them and that makes me think he won’t.

Caught up in the cables

On Friday I went to Flatlab‘s event The Newborns. Flatlab is a flat studio at Baross utca. It started with six designers and now two more have moved in.

These cables from Tilka which you can buy in the showroom was what got my attention for some reason.  The truth is I was very tired and the colours gave me a kick. I got caught up in the cables, so to say. I like them though. Choose them in your favourite colour and you will want more and more electric stuff just to get more nice cables. Hmm, already thinking of what to get.
I recommend you to go and visit Flatlab. If you’re not wild about cables you can check out clothes, hats and graphic design, I will definitely make my way back soon to see all that in a more awake state.

I’m going in!

Men always ask why women always go together to the bathroom. The true answer is to get rid of them for a while, but also that it’s for some reason a good place to take pictures. The pictures are in general not good though.
Skirt Ungaro Parallele (Vintage)/ Jacket H&M

No more pictures please I have to go!


Since it’s May 1st which is workers day in most European countries. I love to celebrate my work with a day off, they don’t come often enough though. Work should be fun and if it’s not a little nice hand made book to take notes in can always cheer you up a little bit. These are from the Hungarian brand Absoloot.
If a a nice book isn’t enough it can be used mixed with some stronger company  to get that cheering up effect but the effect on work can’t be guaranteed.