Practise Makes Perfect

It’s Friday and I’m at home in my bed preparing mentally for the traditional Halloween party organized by Rebel. Still have no idea what do dress up as even though we did some improvised practising last week. First attempt was to be a one eyed creature. Not so sure about that one, looks more like I’m drunk, but then again if I only had one eye it’s possible you drink to forget that.

Nicole and Rebel already knew what they will be so they didn’t feel the need to try out different characters. As seen in the picture I also thought of being something with a broken neck. Not comfortable for too long though.


What are you dressing up as on Halloween? 
What should I be? 

Forest madness

Once again it was time for Panda Varieté at the Piknik fesztivál in Esztergom. 
I’m a cloud presenting the Debil family: mentals going on a picnic.

Just jumped out from an egg excited proud to show Esztergom my camel toe.
The camel toe didn’t come out well in the picture so instead I show you a close up of my wounded toe.

As the delicate flower I am….
Andi as The Witch.
Gabi as The Mushroom and Bence as the enemy of the forest.
All together like a big awkward family.
Big thanks to Rita and Kati for letting me part of your Panda show once again

Fake Jesus

Jesus walked in to a bar with a drink in his hand. It was a mix of wine and water. He probably likes fröccs in the summer like many of us common people do.
He came with a light and it all seemed so real.
Neon sleeveless shirt from H&M

I made a cross sign to stay cool with Jesus. He didn’t seem to give a fuck.
When there’s no water walking on alcohol fumes is just as good, he said.  
This is where I got suspicious, suspicious he was a fake and so it turned out it was a panda in disguise, or more precise Rita who celebrated her birthday with a Jesus Christ Superstar performance.

Piknik fesztival opening

It was time to do Panda performance again. It’s hard to explain exactly what it is but a lot of crazy costumes and people are always involved. Suits me perfect.

The small performance too place in Esztergom at the Kaleidoszkop house. We opened the yearly Piknik fesztival organized by Puti (picture) and Bence (see picture further down)

Love and marriage was the theme.
Summer wedding with a fur hat is suits more in Siberia than in most other places.

A member of team Hungary came by all the way from the Olympics. She changed to her special party shoes for the wedding.

Misi, the doctor is having a glass of wine just before delivering three babies.

Rita, the original Panda is protecting herself with a laundry bag.

Csuti and Bence looking awesome in their costumes.

Pregnant woman assisted by the doctor.

All being born by the same mother one minute earlier didn’t stop us from loving each other and getting married. (There’s no picture of the delivery, I guess the photographer was in shock.) 

If you want to see the whole performance check it out  here

KGB mixing with loose people

Russian sisters and colleagues Tatiana and Oksana stopped by the Farsang (carnival) party the other night to spy on the local crowd. 
They both got fired when KGB realized they had been hanging out with American superheroes and other loose people. 
Do you take tampons?
Nooooo,  you don’t look fat in that colour!
You can run but you can’t hide

Panda and nun. Unexpected match
I was attacked by a party animal, look at my wound