Jellyfish on Mushroom

jellyThis Halloween I had no idea what kind of costume to make and then suddenly it hit me. Like a slap in the belly from a wet fish.

A jellyfish!


halloweenDorothy, Geisha, Skeleton and Mr Mushroom were some of the other people at the party.

maduzaJellyfish is meduza in Hungarian, my name was Maduza.

wmushyTwo moist creatures hanging out together filling up with liquid. That sounds a bit weird. What I mean is the mushroom and jellyfish didn’t have to dry put as there were drinks served.


floathomeFloating back home.

Notre(ally a) Dame

pandiciel dressI’ve been back in Budapest for a while now and one of the first things I did was to hang out in one of my favourite places, the P’andiciel work room.

pandicielOnly one is a real person. The other one’s a doll. No I mean both are dolls but only one’s real.

pandaiciel chastity beltThrowing in an outfit as well. For a week a wore a chastity belt . Like I always do when my boyfriend’s out of town.

pandicielchastityIf you thought wearing a chastity belt was tough, try carrying Notre dame around.

RIP it up!

TreesMe and my friends decided to go to one of the big cemeteries in Budapest as part of our Halloween night, and also because it’s all saint’s day and stuff now. Here’s the Russian part of the cemetery with communist colored leaves

gravesGraves with a mall in the background

blaha lujzaBlaha Lujza, mostly known for her metro station


Me, mostly known as creepy


Double creepy with Nicole

halloween cakeRIP it up!

Sweets are needed after a cold dark night among graves

snakeI didn’t dress up this halloween this year, but wore my snake belt. It’s probably the best thing I got this year, at least from the reptile shaped accessories I have.

I was thinking about showing you some of my old halloween costumes, but then I didn’t because I went out to eat dumplings at the Chinese market instead. Found some fake tattoos as well that we were having fun with after the cemetery. Funny enough I quite liked having neck tattoos, never thought so. Even though I like tattoos, a neck tattoo was never something I considered before. Should I get one? What kind? If you say yes and draw a cool picture I will get one. I promise. If you pay for it. Okay, maybe, not sure.



Youngest Vampire Alive

My Halloween celebration was already on Saturday, so I kind of forgot that today is the proper day.  Little did I suspect walking out on the street today and got attacked by a five year old Vampire.
It would‘ve been a lethal attack hadn’t  I told him I’m on antibiotics and feel a bit ill.
The little Vampire couldn’t risk it, recommended me to eat garlic, and then he ran off in to the night.

This should be my last Halloween post for this year, I promise.  
Now I can go back concentrating on clothes and other stuff…. you name it!

Actually, what do you want to see here???



Halloween party in Vittula last night.
Managed to come up with a costume in the last minute. Executor and a zombie combined. Or something like that.

If not obvious which it obviously isn’t, that’s a maze in my hand. My deepest apologies to those who were hit.
Hello, taxi please. Name? -Just look for an executor on the corner, there aren’t too many on this street, thanks.this street, thanks.
To not bore you with only pictures of myself, here’s a wolf for you. 
 Jack Nicholson was there too.