Crossing bridges

Lunch break at the Danube. The view of the Freedom bridge, Gellért bath and a monastery is making me think. Is it freedom bridge because you have to choose to go either to the bath and indulge or to the monastery and live a simple life with God.
 Tough decision ehrrm…..

Denim top, skirt with scarf print and belt/vintage
I choose to not even cross the bridge and go back to work.

Sunday Sunny Sunday


Best way to start the week is to let your brain stay in the weekend. Now my mind is sitting at a restaurant drinking sparkling wine with friends while my body is typing this post.
Cheers to myself.
We went from lunch to a beer festival. Karin and I both wore beer camouflage tops. It made no sense, it was still visible we had a beer in our hand all the time.
Money were spent.
Bruno found a dog to play with.
We found the dog’s owners, a cool happy Spanish couple. That was most of my Sunday, not a bad one at all.
OOOOPS! I just realized this wasn’t my Sunday, but actually Saturday 🙂
 Nevermind it would have made a good Sunday as well.

Mad Style or Bad Style. Wild thing

Suddenly it’s discustingly cold and raining outside. So I though we all needed a little something to warm us up, a nice memory of a wild and hot delivery man. That day was super hot indeed and he knew when he was getting dressed in the morning. The wild thing is another subject. Do you think he is as wild as it was hot, did he feel wild when getting dressed? Is it a lie? Are these questions too much for you to think about?

Most important question as always is this 
Mad Style or Bad Style?                                                                                   

Wine and moonshine

Yesterday I went to see a short dance performance up in the castle district. It was in a place called Villa and is under construction but they have made something really cool and that is the walls that opens and gives you a view of Budapest. 
Walls are closed. Wine is opened.

Walls are open.

Cheesy full moon picture.

The full moon and me…