Tip of the Day

scarf If you don’t know what to do with your nails for the weekend. Here are my finger tips.nailsMake a French manicure with your favourite colour, or paint every nail in different shades. 

The possibilities are as endless just like a Swedish Midsummer night. Which is today btw.

Glad Midsommar!

Mad Style or Bad Style. Belly Cellulite.

2012-oktober cellulite
If you’re boyfriend is pregnant, or if you are a pregnant man yourself,  I have found the right place for you to shop. In these days when people are so fixated with their weights and looks it’s refreshing to see different shapes in the shop windows.
2012-oktober cell
But, adding the cellulite is a complete overkill. Just because you have a bit of a stomach, can’t it be displayed with dignity? I mean just because it’s big it doesn’t have to be ugly. Also just because I have a little fat on my ass doesn’t mean I have cellulite all over it (okay, maybe I do have some, but you don’t have to know that).
So now to the most important. 
What do you think about the mannequin with belly cellulite 
Is it 
Mad Style or Bad Style?

Mad Style or Bad Style. Repressed memory

Ran across this wonderful shop window today. This is only part of it and you can’t even imagine the rest of it, neither can I as it’s now a repressed memory that I don’t want to bring forth in the near future. Too many impressions at the same time. The nails, the box wrapped in tin foil, the huge pink fake gem, the paper streamers I could go on.
 But now of course the question is what You think:
Is this
Mad Style or Bad Style?
Please help me deal with this trauma


Scarf/Vintage, jacket/ H&M, candy lipstick/gift
Finger extensions are the latest must have we were told. So we tried it out and I have to say it’s perfect in case you want to give the finger to someone with bad eye sight. Apart from that I don’t get the point.